Join The Academic Staff and University Staff Professional Development Programming Committees on Thursday, February 12, 2015 from 10 a.m. – noon in Alumni A/B Rooms for

Influence Without Authority

“Getting things done in any organization often requires you to exercise influence to get tasks and projects accomplished even when you may not have a formal authority to mandate action. Whether you are stuck in an organizational hierarchy or an ad hoc team, you need to be able to influence the actions of your team members to ensure the successful completion of the task at hand.”

Presented by: Jamie Schramm

Jamie Schramm is an organizational development specialist, currently the Employee Development Coach at Kohler Credit Union. He delivers organizational development expertise from the manufacturing, financial services, and higher education sectors. As an MBA graduate of Lakeland College, he combines both a hands-on understanding of relevant business issues combined with a realization that learning and developing ourselves is a life-long endeavor. His workshops have received high marks from traditional and nontraditional college students, young professionals networks, small business owners, executives, and nonprofit professionals.

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