Table Map (PDF)

Date: Friday, April 15, 2011
11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Location: the Weidner Memorial Carillon
Organized by:
Academic Staff and Classified Staff

Stop by the sign-in station at the Weidner Memorial Carillon where you can pick up garbage bags, rubber gloves, and maps detailing the quadrants that are in need of  attention.

  • The campus grounds crew is lending us their nifty litter pick-up tools, but there’s a limited supply! Everyone else will simply have to bend.
  • If there’s an area of campus that you want to claim in the name of cleanliness, sign-in promptly so you can get your preferred spot!
  • A friendly competition: Register for your team and we’ll report how much involvement was from students, faculty, academic staff, and classified staff. Check back here for results.

Special Thanks:
The planning committee extends a special thanks to the University Union and its Phoenix Club for providing soda or water and a small bag of popcorn for participants.

Campus Clean-Up Day 2011

Campus Clean-Up Day 2011

Despite the wind and colder temps, the Campus Clean-Up Day was a success!  A total of 26 participants took in the fresh air and exercise during the mid-day hours:

  • 12 Classified Staff (winner with the highest numbers….!!)
  • 7 Students (7 members of Circle K Student Org)
  • 6 Academic Staff
  • 1 Retired Faculty member

Overall, it was a great change to ‘pitch in’. We would also would like to recognize the ‘special finds’ from a few of the participants…

Biggest find, an organ!

  • Todd Sanders found a TomTom
  • Tina Tackmier and Lisa Tetzloff found an organ
    (see photo)
    It was too big to put into a trash bag :)
  • Donna Van Straten was the lucky winner finding a $10 bill

Thanks to all. It was a great effort for our campus!

Photo credit: Tina Tackmier (Thanks, Tina!)