Fall Classes 2008

The Fall Schedule of Classes is now visible on the UWGB web page, but there have been some errors with it.  This is what the fall schedule will be: 

Anthro   100-001 Varieties of World Culture         MWF    11:40-12:35      MAC 208        Karen Dalke

Anthro   100-183 Varieties of World Culture         Internet                                 Karen Dalke

Anthro  215-001 Intro to Prehistoric Archaeology    MW     8-9:20 AM       MAC 217        Speth, Janet

Anthro   298    Independent Study               

Anthro   304    Family, Kin and Community       MWF    9:30-10:35 AM    WH 221         Dalke, Karen

Anthro   320    Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion MWF    10:35-11:30      MAC 225         White, Jill

Anthro  340     Medical Anthropology            MWF    12:45-1:40 PM    MAC 210        Dalke, Karen

Anthro  497     Internship

Anthro  498     Independent Study

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