Free Film This Wednesday!

Sita Sings the Blues


September 2, 7 pm.


The Neville Museum is hosting the first film in the Green Bay Film Society 2009-2010 film series.  The films will be from all over the world, and all are free.  The Neville is located on the west side of the river at the foot of the Main Street bridge (you don’t need to pay admission to the museum to see the film, but if you go early and do so [$4], among the exhibits are a teapot show including Prof. Emeritus David Damkoehler’s work [among many others] and the Art Annual [including some works by UWGB students and faculty]).


Here’s a description of the film:

Sita is a Hindu goddess, the leading lady of India’s epic the Ramayana and a dutiful wife who follows her husband Rama on a 14 year exile to a forest, only to be kidnapped by an evil king from Sri Lanka. Nina (the filmmaker Nina Paley herself) is an artist who finds parallels in Sita’s life when her husband – in India on a work project – decides to break up their marriage and dump her via email. Three hilarious Indonesian shadow puppets narrate both the ancient tragedy and modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the epic. Paley juxtaposes multiple narrative and visual styles to create a highly entertaining yet moving vision. Musical numbers choreographed to 1920’s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw feature a cast of hundreds: flying monkeys, evil monsters, gods, goddesses, warriors, sages, and winged eyeballs. “Sita Sings the Blues” earns its tagline as “The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told.”


About the Director:

Nina Paley (b. May 3, 1968, Champaign IL, USA) is a longtime veteran of syndicated comic strips, creating “Fluff” (Universal Press Syndicate), “The Hots” (King Features), and her own alternative weekly “Nina’s Adventures.” In 1998 she began making independent animated festival films, including the controversial yet popular environmental short, “The Stork.” In 2002 Nina followed her then-husband to Trivandrum, India, where she read her first Ramayana. This inspired her first feature, “Sita Sings the Blues,” which she animated and produced single-handedly over the course of 5 years on a home computer. Nina teaches at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan and is a 2006 Guggenheim Fellow.


Sita Sings the Blues

Directed, written, produced, designed and animated by Nina Paley

82 minutes


Color, stereo

Digital Cinema Package, HDCAM, DVD; soon on 35mm