A Chance to Talk to Leading Anthropologists and Students around the World

Pearson is hosting a FREE online forum February 16 from 9am – 3pm. It is open to all of us. This seems like a pretty cool opportunity for anyone to jump in and have a conversation or just eavesdrop (observe) on the discussions between world-renown anthropologists on a variety of topics. Here is the lineup (you can join for as long or as little a time as you would like):

9:00 Nancy Bonvillain Indigenous Peoples and the World Economy
10:00 Carol Ember Cross-Cultural Variation in Violence
11:00 MyAnthroLab Enganging Cultural Anthropology Students with MyAnthroLab
12:00 Barbara Miller Illness, Healing, and Globalization
1:00 Justin Nolan The Guardianship of Endangered Native American Languages
2:00 Raymond Scupin Ethnicity and Globalization

Learn more at www.pearsonhighered.com/speakingabout/anthropology

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