Photo memory 49 - Banjo jam

Banjo Jam

Photo memory 49 - Banjo jam

Photo memory 49 - Banjo jam

In the foreground, two guitarists play with their backs to the camera, a man leans forward to speak with the banjo player as he plays. Do you know anything about who these people are, where they are, or what brought them together and when photo was taken? We encourage you to share your remarks in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Banjo Jam

  1. Peter Beth

    The man on the right in the turtle neck is Pat Noel. He was a talented multi-instrument local musician in Green Bay and went on to earn a Masters in Classical Guitar and Math from the University of Minnesota. He was also an accomplished woodworker who made some stunning furniture pieces and children’s toys. At one point in time he taught computer classes at Madison Area Technical College and played guitar in a Big Band Jazz Band.

  2. Beth

    The banjo player was a wonderful Psychology professor whose first name, I believe, was Eric. He had red hair and his office was in the Library Learning Center, where he often played his banjo in the early to mid 1970s.

  3. M Johns

    There was a group of professors who had a bluegrass band around 1971-72. They used to play noon hours, I think, at various locations.

  4. Dan Rathbun

    I believe the man with the banjo was a faculty member. I think he was a professor of psychology, but I cannot recall his name or any other details.

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