Send us your fond memories of “Building 109″

apartment building fire

By now you may have heard that Student Apartment Building 109 burned to the ground this summer. Fortunately it was unoccupied, and there were no injuries. Arson has been ruled out. Approximately 60 of the 2,000 students returning to live on campus in fall of 2009 are currently being helped by University officials to locate alternative housing while campus officials investigate longterm solution. Could more suites be in our future? We would love for you to share your memories of living in 109. Perhaps you met your future spouse there. Did you begrudge having to make the longest walk to classes and the Union? Did you request 109 for four years? Why? Please click on the following link and share your thoughts.
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7 thoughts on “Send us your fond memories of “Building 109″

  1. Heather Zuhlke-Ingersoll

    I lived in 109 during the 2000-2001 school year with my dear friend and roommate Kristy Knipple. We were lucky enough to only have 2 people in a 4 person apartment, it pays to live with the RA;) We had many great times, including a wall of new vocabulary words we made up, the kitchen fire that Kristy started, a pet spider who came to visit every now and again, snowball fights, Kristy’s car getting hit by the snowplow (we lived so far out I guess it was not seen), long walks to class that kept us in shape and made us late, and there was always an assortment of great parking spaces. Lots of great college times with friends!!

  2. Walter Melcher

    I lived in 109 A1 my freshman year ’87-’88 along with some of my soccer teammates. A lot of crazy fun memories…but we never had parties, stacked dozens of cased of beer up to the ceiling in the hallway, drank lots of beer or got crazy with anyone in there! Actually, I’m surprised that I can remember all of that. ;)

    The walk to class during the “January interim” class was brutal in the winter, though!

  3. Rob Rassel

    I lived in Apartment 109 B5 during the 2000-2001 school year. My room-mates and I had a lot of great times in there – including making a rocket launcher out of a soda can, some breath spray, and a gum wrapper. There was also a time when a burning paper plate was sent flying across the living room by my room-mate. He called it the “Tornado of Fire”. It’s a real shame that place somehow survived our insanity without burning down, and now this…unbelievable. I have nothing but fond memories of The 109 and UWGB.

  4. Scott Valitchka

    I was sorry to hear about the loss of 109. I lived in 109 B1 during the 1984-85 school year and served as an RA during that time as well. The nickname of the building was “The Edge” and to raise funds for building activities, we sold t-shirts that said 109 “The Edge” with the number 9 appearing to fall off of the word edge. My weekly newsletter for the residents was called “The Sharpener.”

    A number of the basketball players lived in the building so it frequently was the scene of numerous parties and a lot of traffic, but all-in-all people were pretty respectful of one another.

    The brisk wallk/ run to 8:00 a.m. winter classes from 109 to the Lab Sciences complex was usually always long enough for icicles to form in my still wet hair!

  5. Kristy Knipple

    I was an RA in 109 in 2000-01. Ironically, I also had a small fire there in my kitchen. But overall, I remember meeting some really great people, having lots of fun, and getting lots of exercise walking to class.

  6. Julie Smith

    I lived in two different apartments of 109. I met one of my dear friends one of the summers I was there. We had a blast! Some of the guys (basketball players if memory serves correctly) living downstairs seemed to think we were drunk when we were just being silly. That was definitely a fun summer! :-)

  7. Jim Brennan

    I remember the first time 109 burned in 1975. I believe it was a guy named Dirken.

    Class of 78

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