Alumni Benefits:

From THE Phoenix Bookstore . . .

The Phoenix Bookstore

. . . and don’t forget YOUR library

Alumni are more than welcome to come back to campus and use the library for research. A reference librarian will assist you in logging on as a guest to conduct your research. What you are not able to do is access these online resources from off campus as you were able to do as a student. Why? Costs for these resources are calculated by the University’s headcount of registered students, faculty and staff. With 26,000 alumni, online access isn’t feasible. As a UW-Green Bay “alum” you have borrowing privileges to the Cofrin Library’s book collection, as well. And citizens of Wisconsin can access a set of databases through Badgerlink (, which you can access from home or work. For more on alumni benefits for the Cofrin Libary, call 920-465-2333.