Katie Bright
Katie is majoring in Psychology and Human Development.  A senior, she plans on graduating in Spring of 2015 and taking some time off school before returning to earn a Masters degree.

Gretchen Klefstad
Gretchen is a a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Public Administration. She plans on graduating in May 2017 and continuing on to graduate school.

Allie Nelson
Allie is a senior with Psychology and Human Development majors.  She plans on graduating in May of 2015 and attending graduate school.

Becoming a Member of My Research Team
If you are interested in obtaining a position as a member of my research team, please contact me at martinr@uwgb.edu.  I accept applications each semester for the following semester.  Eligibility includes completion of or enrollment in Psych 300, Research Methods in Psychology and a GPA. of 3.00 or higher.