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Dr. Nancy Auer’s Larval Fish Identification Research

Dr. Nancy Auer.

Dr. Nancy Auer wrote the Larval Fishes Identification of the Great Lakes Basin with Emphasis on the Lake Michigan Drainage in 1982. This manual contains 24 families with 145 species focusing on the Great Lakes basin with an emphasis on Lake Michigan. Dr. Auer wanted to develop one resource to consolidate current knowledge of these topics. This book is a summary of past and present literature. While all available past and present literature were used at the time, there are different methods to count preanal myomeres depending on the species or various author’s techniques. With assistance and expertise from students, professors, and agencies, this fish larva identification manual became a reality and used as a research tool for future research.



Electric Power Research Institute. 2001 – 2018.

With Dr. Nancy Auer’s Larval Fishes Identification of the Great Lakes Basin with Emphasis on the Lake Michigan Drainage manual, the next plan was to develop an online database for larval fish identification. In 2014, Electric Power Research Institute, LimnoTech collaborated with Dr. Nancy Auer to create a web-based open-access version of her original taxonomic key. This open access database also added additional keys for the Atlantic and Pacific regions instead of focusing on just Lake Michigan Drainage.


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I am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (UWGB). This year, I successfully defended my master’s project thesis and earned a Master’s in Environmental Science and Policy with an emphasis in Policy and Ecosystems Studies. Prior to my graduate degree, I completed my Bachelor of Science at St. Norbert College; I majored in Environmental and Natural Science. To complete my master’s degree at UWGB, I completed several research projects which culminate with a collaborative research project with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. I successfully defended this project in July 2018, which promotes education and communication outreach programs of aquatic invasive species, water quality, environmental planning, taxonomic skills with aquatic species, and larval fish identification.  I hope you truly enjoy this website and either learn something new or use it for your own research!

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