Resume Creator on Pro (Job Search)

ResumeIf you would like to create a resume but have no idea how, there is now a tool on Pro (Job Search). Pro is under the current students tab on the UW-Green Bay website. Simply login (there are instructions as to how to login as a student on the login page) and then look down the left sidebar until you come across “Create a Resume using Resume Creator”. You have the option of choosing a template or looking at resources which will help in resume building. Once you are confident that you know what to put on your resume, click on choose template, choose whichever template suits your needs, and then it will ask for information and you enter it in. You can save your resume and come back to it later if need be, you can post it on Pro for employers to see, and you can print it! It is a very useful tool that should be taken advantage of.

Joy Ike

JoyIkeTonight, March 7th, at 8pm in the Common Grounds Coffeehouse, Joy Ike will be playing. She was born to Nigerian immigrants and plays a genre she refers to as Soulfolk. It is a soulful approach to a style of music that has often been reserved for guitar or banjo players.

Intership and Job Fair

Job FairThis is a great way to scope out jobs and internships. Dress for success and bring your resume to make a good impression! It will take place today, March 5th, from 9:30am until 1pm in the Phoenix Rooms. There is also a Peace Corps information session tonight in University Union room 103 from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. There will be a return volunteer and recruiter to present information about opportunities and answer attendee questions.

Lily Antone-Plass

LilyTomorrow, March 4th, from 12pm-4pm in the American Intercultural Center, Lily Antone-Plass will be here. She is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, and she is a First Nations artist who works with fabric and traditional designs in ribbon work and quilts. She designs and sews her own “Little Ones”, which are custom designed First Nations dolls. She will be here to give a hands-on-demonstration that is intended to get students interested and involved in creating their own “Little One” for the campus community.

Soul Food Dinner

For those of you who missed the Soul Food Dinner last night, February 27th, you missed out! The event took place from 7pm-8pm. There was plenty of food (and plenty of leftovers to take home), and lots of full and happy people at the end of the night!Dinner

Inclusive Excellence

inclusiveDo you ever wonder what kind of on-campus and off-campus diversity resources there are? If so, visit the Human Resources website and click on Inclusive Excellence! Here you can look up contact information, as well as websites to help direct you to where you need to go! If you would like a link to the webpage, here it is: The webpage is going under some updating right now, so if you find a broken link, type the source into google and you will find it!