Job Openings in the American Intercultural Center!

The American Intercultural Center is currently looking for two new student employees during the Spring 2015 semester and onward. Duties include greeting students and visitors, sorting mail, doing projects for staff members, and more. To qualify students must have a GPA of 2.5 or above and must have familiarity with Microsoft Office.

If you are interested and would like to put in an application, you can ask the front desk in the AIC for one!

Black Student Union

The goal of the Black Student Union is to promote and sustain black culture at UWGB and within the community. They welcome students of all ethnic backgrounds to develop and promote programs that educate others about black culture and experience. They also serve as a support system for those who self-identify as Black and/or African American.

The Black Student Union meets on Sundays from 6:15pm-7:15pm in the American Intercultural Center and anyone can join in on the meetings. The more people who join in, the better! If you would like more information, please contact Asti Martin, Tress Blake, or Jessica Schmitt.

Spring 2015 Registration

Registration for Spring classes begins today! Remember the Student Information System (SIS) is the most important part of enrollment. You can check for your enrollment date and time, as well as build a shopping cart of classes to assist you in determining which classes you should take.

Reminder: Payment Agreement

CaptureThis is an important reminder to students that there is a payment agreement on everyone’s SIS account for the Spring 2015 semester. Every student can sign it electronically and it only takes two seconds to get done. Please remember to do this-you cannot enroll in your classes until this is done!

Organización Latino Americana

“The mission of La Organización Latino Americana is to create an academic and social support system for, but not limited to, the Latino students at UWGB. We strive to educate people about different Latino cultures through fun activities and programs. in addition, the organization reaches out to the broader Green Bay community through community service and programs.”

OLA meets every other Tuesday at 5:30pm in the American Intercultural Center if you would like to join or would like to sit in on a meeting. OLA also has several upcoming events. USHLI (United States Hispanic Leadership Institute) is a conference that OLA attends yearly in spring. Sign up is November 17th-26th, so if you would like to secure a spot to attend the conference, then make sure to sign up in the American Intercultural Center! They will also be having an Applebee’s Fundraiser December 4th and will be hosting a Holiday gathering December 5th.

If you are curious as to who leads OLA, Grace Vecchie is the president. Their vice president is Kaitlin Skroch, secretary is Samantha Molina, Treasurer is Dou Chang, and Public Relations is Rosa Serrano. If you would like more information, please contact any of the students above (especially Rosa Serrano).

If These Halls Could Talk

This 97 minute documentary is about eleven college students who discuss what it is like on campuses across the country today. Their stories are starkly emotional, raw, and filled with incredible tenderness, courage, and pain. The diversity issues that they challenge us to look at are equally provocative, begging to be heard and confronted. The film will provide a glimpse into what is needed if we are ever going to come together in our classrooms, on our campuses, and within our communities. Click here if you would like to see the trailer!

Snacks and refreshments will be provided at the film. There will be a discussion after each film showing run by Mai Lo Lee from the American Intercultural Center. It will be held in the Christie Theater on Wednesday, November 5th (at 6:30pm) and Thursday, November 6th (at 4pm).

Sugar Skulls

If you are curious about sugar skulls, or would like to decorate one of your own, join Oganizacion Latino Americana  in their sugar skull demonstration! This demonstration is interactive, meaning you will be able to experience first hand why sugar skulls are important and receive one of your own.  The demonstration will be tomorrow, October 30th, in the American Intercultural Center from 12:30pm until 2:00pm . Sugar Skulls

Women of Color

“Be bold. Be courageous. Be fierce.”

~ Nailah Blades

The focus of Women of Color is learning, in a fun and interesting way, about issues regarding women of every race and ethnic background. The most important part about Women of Color, though, the community they want to create. Not only does this group want to celebrate women of color and their accomplishments, but they want to create a group a group that will support each other in times of need. Women of Color would also like to teach students self-love, something everyone forgets about in the course of their lives. It is important to love oneself because at the end of the day, you still have to show yourself that you still care.

Everyone is welcome to join, and if anyone would like any information, you can contact Tress Blake (, Kaitlin Skroch (, or Camara Wallace ( and Kaitlin 

Tips on keeping up with the semester

It’s coming. That time of the semester where you want to throw down your pencils. It’s midterm time, but holidays and distractions are starting to appear on the horizon. You try to focus and study hard, but something nags at the back of your brain. Now is the time to act and look to the resources the University provides for students who need assistance.

  1. The Tutoring and Learning Center and the Writing Center: These areas located by the Garden Café are here to help students with all of their learning needs, from confusion on assignments to writing great essays. If you would like more information on hours, making appointments, and contact information, please visit this website:
  2. The American Intercultural Center: The AIC has two wonderful advisors who are ready and willing to guide students. It is also a wonderful place to just sit down, meet a whole bunch of people, and maybe get some homework done. If you would like more information about the AIC, please visit .
  3. Counseling and Health Services: Super stressed out? Need a flu shot? Counseling and Health Services are here to help! Counseling services are there for students at no cost, and there are health services available for small fees. There is more information here on their website: .

Why You Should Definitely Dress Up as an Indian

Halloween is literally right around the corner. We’ll soon see a lot of dancing, free candy, and most importantly, costumes. But there are limits to costumes, and dressing as an Indian is a definite no no. But why? Why is it so important? Come learn the importance of respecting Native culture and why dressing up as something else is a lot more appropriate. Professor Miriam Schacht will be giving a presentation tomorrow, October 21st, in the Heritage Room from 3pm-5pm.  This is a learning experience meant for everyone!Why you should not dress as an Indian