Multicultural Student Organizations

With the school year on its way, we would like to give meeting dates, times, and places for the multicultural student organizations on campus. Students can be of any race to join and this is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures as well as the different obstacles people of color face. Do not be afraid to pop into a meeting and say hi!

Intertribal Student Council: ISC will have weekly meetings on Mondays from 1pm-2pm in 410 Wood Hall. If you would like more information, please contact Lizz Peterson:

Organizacion Latino Americana: If you are interested in joining OLA, contact Stefany Gardea for times and dates when OLA meets:

Black Student Union: BSU meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the American Intercultural Center. If you would like more information, contact Tresavoya Blake:

Southeast Asian Student Union: SASU meets every other Friday (beginning Friday, September 18th) at 4pm. For information on where SASU will meet, please contact Kimberlee Xiong:

Women of Color: WOC meets every other Monday at 5pm in the American Intercultural Center. If you would like more information, contact Camara Wallace:

Reflections of Refugees: Choua Thao

Join the members of the Southeast Asian student as Choua Thao reflects on her refugee experience. Choua was one of the first few Hmong women to go to school in Laos. She trained as a nurse and was recruited to work at the main U.S. hospital at Sam Thong, a few miles from the secret military base at Long Cheng. She treated wounded soldiers as well as civilians suffering from malaria. In May 1975, she left for Thiland and arrived in the United States in 1976. During the last 30 years, she has worked tirelessly as an advocate for refugees. In addition, there will be a panel of Hmong refugee participants who will share their “dab neeg” stories.

This event takes place Sunday, September 13th, in the Phoenix Rooms at the University Union from 9am-11am.

A Shot of Reality

A-Shot-of-Reality_jpg-2012Come watch a great improve group mix comedy, audience participation, and education on alcohol awareness that drives home alcohol facts and statistics. These hilarious improvisations will keep you engaged until the very end!

This event will take place Wednesday, September 9th at 8pm in Phoenix Room B.

Happy 50th UWGB Anniversary!

50th Anniversary

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the kickoff week and making the most of the events offered on campus! While we are having fun, we must also remember parking courtesy as students are settling in and exploring the campus.

  • “Vehicles displaying only one license plate must park with the plate facing the travel portion of the parking lot” and “Vehicles are prohibited from parking on grassy areas, paths, sidewalks, fire zones, or parking lot end caps” – these parking regulation will be strictly enforced this year.
  • Students who have on-campus classes must buy a parking permit if they park on campus more than five times per semester.
  • Please be courteous towards expecting mothers and parents with small children by allowing them to park in designated spots. A parking privilege is added to the parking permit for those who are expecting or have small children.
  • For residence life parking lots, these are enforced 7 days a week. All vehicles parked overnight in housing must either have a virtual parking permit or the guest must be registered by the residence life student hosting the visit.

Taking these into account, please enjoy the rest of the beginning of the semester!


Good Luck on Exams! Here are some resources!

Good Luck on exams! If you need some extra assistance, here are helpful places you can go to help you survive exam week:

American Intercultural Center: First and foremost, the AIC. The American Intercultural has two advisors: Crystal Lepscier and Mai Lo Lee. They are here to help students in their time of need as well as achieve their goals. They have many available resources and here to support students. Drop in the AIC (Union Room 150, across from the SGA office) or call (920-465-2720) to make an appointment.

Academic Advising: Counseling & Health Center: We offer counseling to all students. Counselors can assist students in dealing with a wide range of personal issues, providing short term counseling, crisis intervention, information and referral.

Issues that students often seek assistance with include but are not limited to concerns such as: study habits, relationship issues, adjustment to school, procrastination, eating disorders, depression, alcohol and drug concerns, test anxiety, and self-exploration.

The Counseling and Health Center is located in Student Services room 1400 (around the Dean of Students Office).The office hours are: 8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Stop in or call (920) 465-2380 for an appointment.

Tutoring & Learning Services: Free academic support in a variety of undergraduate subjects each semester. Individual Tutoring and Study Groups are available. Peer Tutors will offer one-on-one assistance during individual tutoring sessions. Study Group Leaders guide study groups. They are able to answer questions, review course material, assist with preparing for exams, guide discussion and provide tips on study strategies in the content area. Located in Cofrin Library 102 (bottom floor past garden café). Call to make an appointment: 920-465-2958.

Writing Center:  The goal at the Writing Center is to help UWGB students to become better writers, writers who can find the strengths and weaknesses in their own writing and revise accordingly. That means we’re happy to give advice to UWGB students at any stage in the writing process, from the person who just received the assignment and wants to talk about possible approaches to the one who’s almost done and just has a few questions about citation format or comma usage. Located in Cofrin Library 109 (across from the Garden Café). Call to make an appointment: (920) 465-2338.

Cinco de Mayo

Today is the day the Mexican Army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla, May 5th, 1862. Join the members of Organizacion Latina Americana (OLA) as they commemorate this event-swing by the American Intercultural Center and ask about today’s events.

The American Intercultural Center Appreciates its Student Employees!

All Student EmployeesThe current student employees currently working in the American Intercultural Center are Camara Wallace, Tina Vang, Ntxhee Yee Thao, and Bao Nhia Xiong. Here is why working in the AIC is a great opportunity:

“I love working in the American Intercultural Center because of the staff, students, and all of the doors they open. They make me feel grounded in the University and like I belong somewhere. I am so happy to have the chance to reflect that back and help them as much as they help me!”-Camara Wallace

“I love working in the American Intercultural Center because the students and staff are amazing! Working in the AIC has helped me become aware of all the wonderful resources and fun events available at UWGB!” – Tina Vang

“I enjoy working here because of the students and staff here. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. This job has really helped me become accustomed at UWGB.” – Ntxhee Yee Thao

“ I love working in the American Intercultural Center because of all the people that are there. The staff and students here are wonderful people and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else but Beyoncé. They had really made my first year here at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay a lot better than I have expected.” – Bao Nhia Xiong

Host Panel on Race Relations and Policing

“The event isn’t intended to criticize the police or their efforts. It’s to ask questions and help more people understand what our community is doing to continue to make sure these events don’t happen in Green Bay. I expect that students will share their perceptions of the local police and public safety. Some of their questions could be direct and even pointed, but it’s my view that we won’t be able to move forward with our overall mission if people just want to criticize and blame.” -Dr. Justin Mallet

Tonight Dr. Justing Mallet, Director of Diversity, will be moderating a panel discussing race relations and policing in Green Bay. In teh wake of highly publicized police shootings involving African Americans in Ferguson, Missouri and Madison. Dr. Mallet says he has been please to learn taht Green Bay police and members of the local community already have experience in maintaining an ongoing dialogue.

Panelists include: Green Bay Police Chief Tom Molitor, Green Bay Major Jim Schmitt, Uw-Green Bay Punlic Safety Director Tom Kujawa, Public Safety Training Coordinator Michael Molnar of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and Pastors Pual Davis of Kingdom Agenda Church and L.C. Green of Diving Temple Church. This event takes place from 6:30pm-8pm in the Phoenix Rooms.

You are not your hair!

Join Women of Color and Kimyatta Ratliff, owner and manager of Universal Designs Salon, in this workshop on African American hair. You will learn everything from styles of African American hair to why African American hairstyles are important. There will be free food as well!

This event takes place tonight, April 7th, at 6pm in Phoenix Room B.

Fall 2015 Registration

Fall 2015 registration begins Monday, April 6th. Make sure to check your SIS Account for your registration date so that you can get the classes you want! And if you need assistance in choosing classes, the American Intercultural Center is having open advising on Monday, April 6th, from 12pm-1pm. Feel free to drop by and ask questions about classes.

Click here for a handy link that gives more registration information.