Guest Speaker: Brooke Hauser

Tomorrow, November 7th, Brooke Hauser will be in the Phoenix Rooms at 8pm talking about her book. She is an award-winning author, journalist, teacher, and lecturer who has written for many big name magazines. She believes that the best stories are about people, not policies. Her work puts a new light on issues such as immigration, education, and the pursuit of the American dream.

Academic Advising Walk-Ins

Having trouble deciding which classes to take next semester? Don’t worry! Starting today (November 4th) and going through November 22nd, Academic Advising is taking walk-ins. Simply drop by between 8:30am and noon and between 1pm and 3:30pm and talk to an adviser who is free. It is suggested that you look at your enrollment date in your SIS and meet with an advisor 2-3 days prior to your registration date. You don’t have to do this-you can meet the hour before you sign up for classes if you want-but it is recommended. The Academic Advising offices are in Student Services room 1600. If you go down the stairs in the Union, past the Grille and Herberts and Gerberts, and then passed the Dean’s office, you will find Academic Advising to your left.

Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

I hope that everyone is going to have a fun (and safe) day. Today I thought it would be fun to teach you how to make Spiderweb Cupcakes. It’s fun, easy, and good for people on a budget! Simple buy any cake mix you want, vanilla frosting, and black decoration gel. Make the cake into cupcakes (the box will give you instructions) and then frost them. Make 3-4 circles with the black decoration gel in the cupcake, a small one, a medium one around that one, and then a large one around that one. Then take a toothpick and drag it through the center of the cupcake to the end. Do this about six times around the cupcake and ta-da! You have a spiderweb cupcake. It’s easy, it’s fun, and your friends will appreciate the treat. The pictures below are courtesy of Visit their blog if you need an idea for a handcrafter project! They have a lot of great tutorials.

Meeting Staff in the AIC: Stacie Christian

Stacie is the Interim Diversity Director for the American Intercultural Center and the Project Coordinator for the LGBTQ Resource Center. She is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the AIC and the LGBTQ Resource Center. She is also co-chair of the Diversity Task Force Committee, co-advisor for BSU (Black Student Union), and chair of the Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence. She also teaches two courses for the Human Development and Psychology department. She runs committees as a professor, is responsible for budget and personnel, and is a liaison and collaborator with other departments at the University that are working on multicultural and diversity topics. She participates in events, programming, and often speaks for events and classrooms. Wow, she is one busy lady! But don’t let that keep you down. She is kind, generous, always has something nice to say about you, and loves her work! She says that it is interesting and that she likes that she is always moving. So if you catch her in the AIC, make sure to introduce yourself.

Computer Help!

Is your computer broken and you don’t know why? Did you somehow get a sneaky virus and now your computer won’t work? Don’t worry! There is a free service on campus that will help you with your computer problems. This service is actually under the Community Center. If you walk into the mailroom and continue through the door and to the printer, simply look to the left and you will find the room. Once you tell them what is wrong, they will give you a sheet to sign, take your computer, and then send you on your way. They will probably keep it for a couple of days to determine what is wrong and then email you so you can get it. Your tuition pays for this service, so don’t be shy about bringing your computer to them!

Small-Group Discussions

Make sure to go to the Small-Group Discussions tomorrow (October 29th)! Students and retirees will have the opportunity to ask each other a variety of questions during these informal conversations. This program is a way of closing that generation gap, as well as challenging the myths and misconceptions, as well as to foster open and on-going communication among generations. It will begin at 2pm in Phoenix Room B!