Textbook Buyback Begins Today!

Textbook buyback begins at the Phoenix bookstore today, December 10th, and ends next week Friday, December 20th. You need a valid photo ID in order to sell your books. If you’re looking for a little money back from your book investment, here is the chance! Today buyback ends at 4pm.

Tutoring and Learning Center

Are you struggling in a class and you absolutely need to pass an exam? Well, the Tutoring and Learning Center offers services to assist you in your needs. They offer one-on-one assistance with peers who are experts in the subject that you need help on. They can help you prepare for exams and give you tips on studying. You must make an appointment either in person or on the phone (920-465-2958). The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 6pm and on Fridays from 9am to 2pm. They are located past the two gender neutral bathrooms by the Garden Café to the left. The best part is that these services are absolutely free, so you can get the help you need without spending a cent.

Kwanza Celebration

This Saturday, December 7th, there is a Kwanzaa celebration from 3pm until 5pm. It is free to all and light snacks as well as refreshments are provided. There is also a free African Jewelry making workshop at 2pm! So come celebrate in the Phoenix rooms.

Noise (Australia)

Next week Wednesday at 7pm in the Christie Theater, a short film called Noise will be shown. After a tragic incident on a train, a young cop is forced into the chaos that follows this tragic event. He struggles to clear the noises in his head while dealing with the aftermath of the crime.

Teju the Storyteller

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 4th, at 8pm in Phoenix Room B, Teju the Storyteller will be here telling stories that draw people in using his lively movements and traditional African instruments. His stories reflect on longstanding and contemporary cultural perspectives, which allow the listeners to understand the profound influence of African heritage on our traditions and identities.

Let’s Talk Double Majoring and Certificates

You can have two majors and both majors will be recorded on your academic transcript. But, when you double major, you will only get one diploma. You have to choose which one you want written on your diploma. As for certificates that you earn throughout your academic career, they will go on your academic record when you complete your degree. Academic departments are actually responsible for printing and awarding you your certificates of completion. Certificates are earned similarly to minors because you have to go through a series of classes to earn one. If you are curious as to what certificates are available, click the link below and then on the Preprofessional Programs and Certificates tab. There will be a list of available programs and certificates that you can click through.  http://catalog.uwgb.edu/about/education/

Lost and Found

Did you lose something important? Say your ID or a key? If you have and don’t know where to go, then simply fill out the lost and found request form on the University Union website. They will tell you where your item is in the University so that you can go and pick it up! Note: Items are held for 60 days. Anything that goes unclaimed is donated to local charity or disposed of. Here is a link to the request form: http://www.uwgb.edu/union/info-desk/lostfound/.

OLA: Organizacion Latino America

OLA is dedicated to serving students who are of Hispanic origin or who are majoring or minoring in Spanish. Events include dances, musical performances, lectures, art exhibits, and special programs in observance of holidays (such as Cinco de Mayo). OLA’s goals for the end of the semester are to have new members involved and/or attending the annual conference in February. Member meetings are every other Wednesday at 5pm.OLA has a few upcoming events. They will be having their annual tamale sale, which starts in a few weeks, and people can order them and get them when break is over. OLA will also be opening up registration for the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) conference that it attends in February. (More details about this coming soon, so keep a look out!). OLA’s main goals next semester are to get the organization out there and to increase recruitment/retention of the organization. They hope to see new faces and have more fun and social events for their members! If you have any questions, email Rosa Serrano at serrrm31@uwgb.edu.

Alezandra Russell

Tonight (November 20), at 8pm in the Phoenix Rooms, Alexandra Russell will be speaking on her Campus Awareness Program. She declared war on sex-trafficking and child prostitution in 2010, when she made Chiang Mai’s Red Light District her new office after finding an absence of services available to young boys who were victims of trafficking. Realizing that college students can make a considerable difference, she created this program to help college students combat sex-trafficking. Come and hear what she has to say!