WOC: Women of Color

Women of color (WOC) is a student organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for women of color at UWGB. WOC exists to provide support academically, socially, spiritually, culturally, and serve as positive role models to the campus and the surrounding community. WOC hopes to bring a greater awareness about issues affecting women of color and empowerment to all women. Their end of the year goals are to plan more events for students to attend. WOC is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated students who want to become involved or possibly join the executive board for Women of Color. Their main goals for next year are simple: get to know more students, welcome them into the organization, and let them know why Women of Color is here. They would also like to be able to present events that students will attend. If you would like to know more information, contact Rosa Serrano at serrrm31@uwgb.edu.

Helping Parents and Families Appreciate You for the Great Person You Are!

This event takes place this Wednesday, November 20th, from 5:30pm-7pm in the Christie Theater. Guest speakers will provide information about PFLAG and other support networks for individuals who are LGBTQ and intersexual. There will be tips on how to empower and strengthen families, and anyone who has a friend, relative or coworker who is LGBTQ or intersexual is highly encouraged to come! And, if you have any questions, they will be confidential. So ask away! This event is sponsored and lead by the LGBTQ Resource Center. Everyone is welcome!

Resume Confusion

Do you know what to put on a resume? About how long it should be and what specific skill sets should go on their? If you don’t, there are great tutorials and helpful tools on the Career Services Website! They have a guide as to how to create a resume, information on the different types of resumes, and samples of good, complete resumes. Here is the link if you are ever in need of assistance: http://www.uwgb.edu/careers/skills/resumes.asp.

Jessica Pettitt

Jessica Pettitt helps guide students to be the one person to make a difference. Her program is highly interactive. There will be laughing and no guilty tears or finger pointing. So come by the Christie Theater at 8pm tonight (November 13th)!


This is a diversity simulation that teaches about the use and abuse of power, as well as producing the idea of “intersectionality”. Intersectionality is the idea that forms of oppression interact with each other rather than separately. The simulation and indispensable tools for making a change in organizations and society will be discussed. Everyone is welcome, so stop by Phoenix Room C tonight. The program runs tonight (November 12th) from 7pm until 9pm.

Guest Speaker: Brooke Hauser

Tomorrow, November 7th, Brooke Hauser will be in the Phoenix Rooms at 8pm talking about her book. She is an award-winning author, journalist, teacher, and lecturer who has written for many big name magazines. She believes that the best stories are about people, not policies. Her work puts a new light on issues such as immigration, education, and the pursuit of the American dream.

Academic Advising Walk-Ins

Having trouble deciding which classes to take next semester? Don’t worry! Starting today (November 4th) and going through November 22nd, Academic Advising is taking walk-ins. Simply drop by between 8:30am and noon and between 1pm and 3:30pm and talk to an adviser who is free. It is suggested that you look at your enrollment date in your SIS and meet with an advisor 2-3 days prior to your registration date. You don’t have to do this-you can meet the hour before you sign up for classes if you want-but it is recommended. The Academic Advising offices are in Student Services room 1600. If you go down the stairs in the Union, past the Grille and Herberts and Gerberts, and then passed the Dean’s office, you will find Academic Advising to your left.