Multicultural Student Organizations

OrgsI would just like to remind everyone of some of the multicultural student organizations (especially since it is a new semester!). These organizations include Organizacion Latino Americana (OLA), Intertribal Student Council (ISC), Southeast Asian Student Union (SASU), Women of Color (WOC), and the Black Student Union (BSU). Ola meets at 5pm on Tuesdays in the AIC, and the primary contact is Rosa Serrano ( ISC meets at 3:30pm on Wednesdays in the First Nations Office, and the primary contact is Clinton Isham ( SASU meets every other Tuesday at 3:30pm and Wednesday at 2pm. The primary contact for SASU is Dou Chang ( Women of Color does not currently meet, but if you would like more information, you can email Tress Blake ( The BSU currently does not have official meeting times, but if you would like to attend meetings and get alerts as to when they are, you can contact Robert Sewell (

Remember that anyone can join any of these groups. They welcome each and every person, giving learning experiences along the way. If you would like more information, for example who to contact to become involved with a group, do not be afraid to come to the American Intercultural Center and ask for information. (Or call the American Intercultural Center at (920) 465-2720).

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