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SASU Egg Roll Fundraiser

Egg-RollsNeed some delicious egg rolls (let’s face it, of course you do!)? Southeast Asian Student Union is currently selling egg rolls in the American Intercultural Center for $15 per dozen. SASU will be taking fundraiser forms between 11AM and 6PM until this Wednesday, November 18th, at 6PM. So come get them while you can!

Day of the Dead Celebration

sugarskulls2 Join Organizacion Latino Americana (OLA) this week with their Day of the Dead events! Join OLA as they decorate the altar located in the American Intercultural Center! You can bring a picture or the favorite food of somebody who has passed and place it on the altar. You may place these items on the altar Monday, October 26th through Thursday, October 29th, between 8AM and 9PM. There are frames to set up the pictures, and all items will be available to set up

On Wednesday, October 28th, there will be Sugar skull coloring sheets placed on the booth outside of the Phoenix Club, along with more information about Day of the Dead! And, last but not least, on Thursday, October 29th, there will be sugar skull painting! OLA will be painting sugar skulls in the AIC from 8AM until 4:30PM, so join them whenever you want!

Ally Conference—You Have the Power to Rise. Rise Up.

2015posterThe Ally Conference provides a safe environment to learn and discuss social themes that affect people in a safe environment. The Conference will cover various aspects of diversity, such as race, gender, sexuality, ableism, etc. The Ally Conference is a great opportunity to ask questions, voice opinions, and most importantly, learn how to be an ally.

The Ally Conference is FREE for students who register!

Here is the registration link:

Belle (Film)

Dido Elizabeth Belle is the illegitimate, mixed-race daughter of a British admiral. She is found living in her poverty by her father, and was entrusted to the care of her uncle, Lord Mansfield and his wife. Dido fights inequality in love, family, and society. The film is set during a time of legal significance, when the Zong massacre occurred. About 132-142 enslaved Africans were thrown overboard from a slave ship and the owner filed with his insurance company for the losses. Lord Mansfield rules on this case in England’s Court of King’s Bench in 1786, in a decision seen to contribute to the abolition of slavery in Britain.

All are invited, and there are free snacks! If you missed today’s showing at 6PM in the Christie Theater, don’t worry—Women of Color will also be showing this movie Wednesday, October 14th at 6PM in the Christie Theater.

Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Everything in Between with Julia Garcia

Join Julia Garcia as she takes you on an unforgettable journey through the reality that comes flooding in like a bad hangover: after the partying that ultimately led to her sexual assault, the death of her best friend and the infamous night that almost took her entire college experience away completely. Julia Garcia gets down to the college student level, connecting with her audience through poetry, stats, inspiring stories and empowering ways to help a college student during their experiences.

View the TRU life below!

This event takes place Monday, October 12th, from 8PM-9PM in the Christie Theater!


We Are Hmong Minnesota Exhibit & the Hmong Village Market

Join Southeast Asian Student in learning more about Hmong culture and experience! They will also visit a market with different fruits and vegetables, traditional food, clothing, and much, much more. This is a great opportunity for students who are curious about Hmong culture to dive in and experience it.

There are many spots still available, so sign up before the deadline which is Monday, October 12th at 8pm. SASU will be taking a bus to St. Paul MN on Saturday, October 17th, at 7AM, meeting in Studio Arts Blue Parking Lot. The trip will last until 11PM.

If you would like more information, click here!

Latino Americans: 500 Years of History: War and Peace

Lilia FernandezCome join Lilia Fernandez as she leads discussion about the research she has conducted as an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Ohio State University. Her research interests include Latino/a history, immigration, race and ethnic diversity formation, urban renewal and gentrification, and women’s history. Her recent book, Brown in the Windy City: Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in Postwar Chicago documents the overlapping migrations of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans to Chicago in the post-World War II period. This is a great moment to learn about immigration and what actually happens when people immigrate to the United States.

This event takes place Thursday, October 1st, from 6pm-9pm in Theater Hall 210!

Hometown Hero: Mac Irv

Join Black Student Union as upcoming hip hop artist, Mac Irv performs! Mac Irv is straight forward, witty and truthful when he talks about  real life experiences, failed expectations, relationships, and chasing dreams.

He will be performing Friday, September 25th at 7pm in the Phoenix Clubs.

If you would like to hear some of his music, click here!MAC IRV1

Multicultural Student Organizations

With the school year on its way, we would like to give meeting dates, times, and places for the multicultural student organizations on campus. Students can be of any race to join and this is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures as well as the different obstacles people of color face. Do not be afraid to pop into a meeting and say hi!

Intertribal Student Council: ISC will have weekly meetings on Mondays from 1pm-2pm in 410 Wood Hall. If you would like more information, please contact Lizz Peterson:

Organizacion Latino Americana: If you are interested in joining OLA, contact Stefany Gardea for times and dates when OLA meets:

Black Student Union: BSU meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the American Intercultural Center. If you would like more information, contact Tresavoya Blake:

Southeast Asian Student Union: SASU meets every other Friday (beginning Friday, September 18th) at 4pm. For information on where SASU will meet, please contact Kimberlee Xiong:

Women of Color: WOC meets every other Monday at 5pm in the American Intercultural Center. If you would like more information, contact Camara Wallace:

Reflections of Refugees: Choua Thao

Join the members of the Southeast Asian student as Choua Thao reflects on her refugee experience. Choua was one of the first few Hmong women to go to school in Laos. She trained as a nurse and was recruited to work at the main U.S. hospital at Sam Thong, a few miles from the secret military base at Long Cheng. She treated wounded soldiers as well as civilians suffering from malaria. In May 1975, she left for Thiland and arrived in the United States in 1976. During the last 30 years, she has worked tirelessly as an advocate for refugees. In addition, there will be a panel of Hmong refugee participants who will share their “dab neeg” stories.

This event takes place Sunday, September 13th, in the Phoenix Rooms at the University Union from 9am-11am.