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ALLY Conference is Saturday

October 22, 2009

The ALLY Conference is a one-day program that will empower its participants with the knowledge and enthusiasm to strive for change and allyship through its workshops and keynote speaker. The conference will offer opportunities to learn about and discuss social themes that affect different student populations, such as women, people of color, persons with disabilities and the LGBTQ community. The ALLY Conference will emphasize diversity and accessibility issues within all the student populations, and also provide a safe environment to celebrate the diversity and talents of women, people of color, persons with disabilities and the LGBTQ community. More importantly, student participants will learn how to become an ally for these communities.

Here’s what 2008 Conference Participants said about their experience!
“I think it was a great conference! I learned a lot about what it means to be an ally. I feel more at ease being an ally for others. By attending this conference I feel I have taken a step in fulfilling my goal of becoming a more open-minded worldly person.”

“I have really enjoyed the conference and the opportunity to meet new people.”

“Got a lot of good info that I will use everyday. I see things differently. I appreciated this conference, I learned a lot!”

“What an AWESOME conference and learning tool! Please, Please, Please have it again and again for future generations…”

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