Meeting October 23rd, 2014

We will be having guest speaker Jeremy Pyatskowit at our 3:00pm meeting tomorrow.  Jeremy works for the Menominee Indian Tribe as their environmental services director.  He will be presenting on the Menominee Tribe’s approach to culvert replacement and forest road crossings. Jeremy will be going over their process along with various challenges that come with design and implementation. 
We look forward to seeing you all there!
NOTE: We will NOT be having a meeting next week, October 30th.  Our meetings will resume for November 6th at 3:00pm.

UPDATE: October 16th Meeting Recap


This past Thursday, we had Tammie Paoli of the WI DNR come in to talk with us.  Tammie is a fisheries biologist out of the Peshtigo office, and she is also the president of the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.  Her “office” is located within the 800,000 acres she works on.  Tammie’s work focuses specifically on northern pike, yellow perch, and brown trout, although she does work with a diversity of species and ecosystems as well.  Tammie highlighted the fact that being a fisheries biologist means splitting up your duties into three areas: people, habitat, and the fish.  A large part of her job is working with the public in all sorts of situations.

Tammie is involved with quite a wide range of projects and responsibilities.  Some include: Large river, inland lake, & trout stream surveys, helping draft management plans (ie Lake Mchigan 10-yr plan), planning and executing habitat projects with various agencies, floy-tagging brown trout, looking at fish diets post trawling surveys, leading the west shore of GB in creel data collecting, submitting rule change proposals (TACH), participating on the WI cormorant management team, and of course, a ton of outreach!

Guest Speaker Tammie Paoli

On Thursday, October 16th, we will have Tammie Paoli from the Peshtigo DNR come in to talk with us about her job as a fisheries biologist.  Tammie is also the president of the Wisconsin Chapter of AFS, so she will be sharing a bit on her role & responsibilities regarding that.

Again, we are going to the Strawberry Creek Weir to process salmon that day as well.  We plan to leave at 9:30am and return in time for the meeting at 3:00pm.  Email if you would like to attend.  Otherwise, we hope to see you at the meeting!


Chinook Salmon Egg Collecting

On Thursday, October 16th, we will be going to the Strawberry Creek Weir up in Sturgeon Bay to help the DNR staff process Chinook salmon.   Work tasks involve handling/moving fish, collecting bio data, harvesting eggs, collecting fish health sampling, etc.  The duration of the work day is dependent upon how many fish are caught in the pond, but we plan to leave campus around 9:30am and return by 2:30pm in time for the meeting.  

Email if you would like to attend!

NO Meeting Thursday, October 9th, 2014

We will not be having a meeting this week (10/09/2014).  Instead, some of us are going to help Titus Seilheimer from the UW-Seagrant Institute sample a wetland in Manitowoc for some pre-restoration data.  We are leaving campus around 12:30pm tomorrow – email if you would like to come with!


UPDATE: Baird Creek Fish Hike