Outreach celebrates the Pack with “Terracegate” parties


Packer Terracegate 12You have heard of “tailgating” for Packers games? Well, the staff of Outreach and Adult Access is taking that idea out onto our terrace and cheering on the Packers – UWGB style!

Aside from just having fun, our hope is to show our Packers pride to the rest of the University and to encourage and invite others to celebrate our partnership with the Packers in new and creative ways.

Packer Terracegate 8The “Terracegate” concept shares the same elements as traditional tailgate parties – good food, friends, games and plenty of Packers spirit.

Our first Terracegate party took place last Friday as we cheered the Pack on to victory over divisional rival Chicago. Our next party is on Thursday, Oct. 2, when we hope to make it 2-for-2 with a Packers win over the Minnesota Vikings!

Check out the fun pics below!

Packer Terracegate 7 Packer Terracegate 9 Packer Terracegate 10 Packer Terracegate 13 Packer Terracegate 17 Packer Terracegate

Packer Terracegate 6

Packer Terracegate 4


Packer Terracegate 3



We have a new name: Integrative Leadership Studies!

Dr. Wilson-Doenges

Dr. Wilson-Doenges

Dr. Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Chair
Integrative Leadership Studies Program

During the 2013 – 2014 academic year, the Interdisciplinary Studies Executive Committee (Faculty Members: Catherine Henze [Chair], Phil Clampitt, Greg Davis, Sara Detweiler, Warren Johnson, William Lepley, Chuck Rybak, and Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges) held a number of intense meetings about the current name of the program. One major reason for the discussion was feedback from current students and our graduates about the marketability of the current name. After numerous discussions it became clear that the “Interdisciplinary Studies” name did not express the wonderful degree that we are offering.

By the end of year, the committee decided that the name, Integrative Leadership Studies, was one that better resonated with employers and reflected our programmatic aims. The term “integrative” reflects our interdisciplinary focus while “leadership” mirrors the aspirations of most of our students. And the word “studies” resonates with our academic traditions.

Our hope is that the name change will increase the value of your degree, enhance your job prospects, and help you advance in your career. In the section below, we’ve tried to answer the most frequent questions you might have about the change. If you have other concerns, please talk to your academic advisor.

Why was the decision made?

We received a great deal of feedback from current students and graduates that the current name (Interdisciplinary Studies) did not accurately and fully reflect the nature of this degree. We also wanted a name that would better resonate with current and prospective employers.

How was the decision made?

The discussions of this issue within the IST Faculty Executive Committee started in September of 2013 and extended throughout the academic year. The decision process involved the following steps:

  1. Identification of key attributes of any potential names (e.g. resonates and is reflective)
  2. Development of a list of possible names (12 plus variants on the names)
  3. Analysis of pros/cons of the alternatives
  4. Selection of the name (e.g. voting by Executive Committee members)

What will not change?

About 95% of the classes will stay essentially the same. Over time we expect subtle shifts to create links to the Integrative Leadership Studies orientation. The instructors will stay the same.

What will change?

  • The marketing of the program. This has already started and early reports suggest that new name does indeed resonate more quickly with prospective students.
  • The first-year seminar (IST 106) and the capstone course (IST 400). These will more fully reflect the leadership studies orientation and will be renamed ILS 198 and ILS 499.
  • The number of students. The new marketing approach should increase the attractiveness of the program.

How will this change benefit the university?

  • It should attract more students.
  • It will enhance the program’s reputation in the community.
  • There will be more financial security for the program and university.

Will this change my area of emphasis?


What will it say on my transcript?

All students who enroll starting in the Fall of 2014 will have the title Integrative Leadership Studies as their major.

I signed up under the “Interdisciplinary Studies” name. Will my degree change?

Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2014 will have the title Interdisciplinary Studies as their major.  If a student would like to change to the Integrative Leadership Studies title, they should consult with their academic advisor to make that change.

When will the change go into effect?

Fall 2014.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Contact your academic advisor or you can always contact me, Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Chairperson of the Integrative Leadership Studies Executive Committee, at (920) 465-2479. I can also be reached via e-mail at wilsong@uwgb.edu.

New Student Convocation & Family Welcome a huge success!

Convocation 2014One of our favorite and most successful events of the year is our New Student Convocation and Family Welcome – and this year’s event was no exception! This event, which took place Aug. 23, welcomed almost 100 participants and served as an introduction to students who are new to the Adult Degree Program and to their families who support them on the journey. The program consisted of valuable workshops for students and families, followed by a luncheon and convocation ceremony that formally welcomed new students into the UW-Green Bay family. There were even coloring books for the kids to help them understand that mom or dad will be going back to school! View some fun photos for the day online at https://www.flickr.com/photos/87888974@N03/sets/72157646582506469/.

While descriptions of the event are nice, nothing communicates the value of Convocation better than comments from the students themselves. Said one student, “Thank you, I enjoyed It!  I was so appreciative for the opportunity to close the gap of disconnection and to connect with other students like me. The workshops were very informative.” Another student said, “As a transfer student I was pleased at how pleasant and educational the New Student Convocation was. The speakers were the best I have heard and shared useful information to make adjustment to the program requirements less stressful.”

Welcome and Welcome Back to UW-Green Bay!

Christina Trombley

Christina Trombley

The start of the 2014-2015 school year brings plenty of new surprises and exciting opportunities. First off, the University welcomed its sixth Chancellor, Dr. Gary Miller, to UW-Green Bay on Aug. 1. You can learn more about Chancellor Miller at http://news.uwgb.edu/featured/go-green/06/02/gary-miller-named-sixth-chancellor/. It’s an exciting time to be a Phoenix and we look forward to Chancellor Miller’s leadership and vision for the upcoming year.

Football season is in high gear, as is our new partnership with the Green Bay Packers. Look for our signs and videos on the big screen at Lambeau and for our recognition on their websites. And keep an eye on this newsletter as we bring you coverage of all the special events. Of special note is the upcoming “UW-Green Bay Day” taking place Saturday, Nov. 15 in the Lambeau Field Atrium. Event times and activities will be announced soon, but mark your calendars and plan to come with your families and friends to celebrate UW-Green Bay at Lambeau Field!

Finally, we have one of the biggest starting classes that we have seen. Plenty of new students are starting out with the Adult Degree Program as Integrative Leadership Studies majors. Welcome to all of our new students! We are so happy that you have chosen UW-Green Bay and the Adult Degree Program. It’s going to be a fantastic year!


It’s Not Exactly Training Camp, but…

Christina Trombley

Christina Trombley


We are so excited to be the Higher Education Partner of the Green Bay Packers and what better time to celebrate this announcement than August! August is a great month for preparation, whether you are an Adult Degree student or a champion football player.

For instance, both will spend a lot of time this month gearing up for the upcoming season (or semester!) Ordering books, scheduling classes, meeting with your advisor is on par with studying plays, going to training camp, and meeting with your coaches. Our partnership goes a lot further though. Keep up to date with all of the special events this partnership will bring, including a tribute to our UW-Green Bay veterans and their families at a game this fall. All of these will be highlighted in our newsletters.

If you haven’t met with your coach (OK, advisor) yet, be sure to get on the schedule. Classes are filling up fast. Here’s to a winning season for both you and our beloved Green Bay Packers.

See you in September!

Christina Trombley, Director
Adult Degree Program

“She Believed she COULD, so she DID…”

Heather Tucker

Heather Tucker

Of the roughly 1,000 new UW-Green Bay graduates to turn their tassel last month, perhaps none were more excited to have completed this leg of the journey than Heather Tucker.

Hailing originally from Wabeno in Northcentral Wisconsin, Heather now lives in Appleton with her 11-year-old daughter, Cassidy. After a long journey which involved balancing school, work, and family, Heather’s path at UW-Green Bay reached a milestone May 17 with graduation ceremonies. However, while her challenges were great, so was her resolve to finish her degree. As the crown of her mortar board proudly reads, “She believed she could, so she did.”

Heather Tucker May 14 1When asked how she made the decision to pursue her degree at UW-Green Bay, her answer was very simple and very Heather – “I knew that I wanted to complete my degree – so I did! I knew that I wanted a reputable university and I needed a program that would understand and be flexible with my busy schedule. So I went online and found UW-Green Bay’s Adult Degree Program. After speaking with an advisor, I knew that I had the right program for me.”

Heather’s progress toward her bachelor’s degree started with completing her associate degree at Nicolet College in Rhinelander. Then, in 2010, her journey brought her to UW-Green Bay – a path which included classes taken online, on Saturdays, and in the evening. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an Area of Emphasis in Environmental Policy Studies, reflecting her strong commitment to environmental responsibility and stewardship. Heather’s degree was augmented with a Certificate in Environmental Sustainability and Business through the University’s Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI).

During Heather’s final semester in the program she completed an Environmental Sustainability internship at Pierce Manufacturing in Neenah. During this experience, Heather assisted in environmental awareness and safety training as well as giving presentations and providing general environmental orientation on conflict minerals and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) storm-water discharge. She was also responsible for planning and logistics for the first annual Sustainability and Wellness Fair and assisted in compliance for Federal VOC (paint) emissions.

Heather Tucker May 14 5“I would like to acknowledge several individuals who have contributed to the success of this experience,” Tucker said. “First of all, my family, who has endured many late dinners, limited vacations, and a tired mother and partner. Working full-time, being a full-time student, and also doing an internship while trying to keep a household running is no small feat! Also, I would like to thank my advisors, John Arendt, Lynn Brandt, and Forrest Brooks. They were all instrumental in making my path a smooth and successful one. Finally, I would like to thank Shari Klika and Pierce Manufacturing for giving me the opportunity to prove my worth and for sharing their experience and knowledge in my short time with their company. The relationships and opportunities I experienced there will be treasured for a lifetime.”

Local employers give high praise for Adult Degree Grads and job prospects

Several local employers are speaking up to share their opinions about the quality of their employees and interns from UW-Green Bay and the Adult Degree Program. WIth so many employers from private industry as well as from the public and non-profit sectors chiming in, we just had to share what they had to say!


“ThedaCare has enjoyed a long relationship with UW-Green Bay and we have always been very happy with the skilled, quality graduates who have pursued careers with our company.”
                                                                                              – Kathy Birling
                                                                                                Employment Specialist

“KI has worked with many UW-Green Bay graduates over the course of our partnership and we value the advantage of helping our employees to earn their degrees through UWGB as well as the University’s Adult Degree Program. We look forward to watching that partnership grow in hiring graduates and interns from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.”
                                                                                            – Sue Neuzil
                                                                                              Human Resources Generalist

“Students from UW-Green Bay’s Adult Degree Program are coming to Golden House fully prepared and excited to learn at the next level. We have experienced excellent communication with both students and staff at the University. We are thrilled to have such a positive partnership with UW-Green Bay and specifically the Adult Degree Program.”
                                                                                            – Dina Borremans
                                                                                              Outreach Manager
                                                                                              Golden House of Green Bay

“Brown County United Way is proud to be associated with UW-Green Bay’s Adult Degree Program. By working with older adult UWGB interns and graduates, United Way provides a positive learning and working environment for mature, skilled professionals.”
                                                                                            – Lisa Clark
                                                                                              2-1-1 Call Center Manager
                                                                                              Brown County United Way

“Associated Bank has had great success with the placement of UW-Green Bay graduates. These graduates know what they want out of a career and company, and are eager to learn and grow within their career. They also take pride in the City of Green Bay.”
                                                                                           – Amy Jo Derenne
                                                                                             Talent Acquisition Consultant
                                                                                             Associated Bank

“At Humana, we are impressed by the engagement of students who are graduates of the Adult Degree Program from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Whether they are enrolled in the program while working at Humana, or are recent graduates, they bring new innovative ideas to the forefront. It’s always exciting to see candidates, who use their education to benefit them in the workplace, apply for open positions at Humana.”
                                                                                           – Christine Ness
                                                                                             Strategic Consultant
                                                                                             Humana Service Operations

Important Summer Dates

Don’t forget to pay attention to these important summer dates!

  1          Six-Week and 10-Week classes end
2          Annual ADP Summer Meeting
15          Four-Week 3 and Eight-Week classes end
15          Official end of Summer 2014 Academic Term
23          New Student Convocation and Family Welcome

Click on http://www.uwgb.edu/registrar/calendar/registration/summer14.asp for more information on Summer class start and end dates, as well as important information regarding course Add, Drop, and Withdrawal deadlines.

Welcome Summer!

Christina Trombley

Christina Trombley

Now that you have finals, and papers, and deadlines (oh, my!) behind you, I hope you can find some time to kick back, relax and enjoy summer!  It sure did take its sweet time in getting here!   

Just like you, the end of the semester is very busy time for all of us in the Adult Degree Program.  We held our graduation breakfast for the Interdisciplinary Studies majors who graduated in May or will be finishing this summer.  It is always such a joy to be able to congratulate all of our students on earning their degrees. 

We also welcomed over 60 new students into the Interdisciplinary Studies program this summer.  With so many new students starting in the summer, there were many orientation sessions to be scheduled and held; advisors and recruiters were very busy reaching out to potential and current students, making sure that students had everything needed to begin or continue in their education.

So, we said hello to a lot of new friends just as we were bidding farewell to our old friends.  Check out the wonderful graduation ceremony photos in the “Cool Stuff” section of this newsletter. 

Have a great summer!


Alpha Sigma Lambda Adult Student Honor Society Inducts New Members

The UW-Green Bay Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Academic Honor Society inducted 62 new members at ceremonies held on Wednesday, April 30. Our congratulations to the new inductees!

Randall Robert Anderson New Holstein WI
Amy Jo Anderson Green Bay WI
Collin Taylor Andrews Green Bay WI
Deanna Kaye Ashmann Green Bay WI
Erika Svea Balza Luxemburg WI
Shanon Joan Breed Rice Lake WI
Dylan Thomas Brinkman Waukesha WI
Lee Matthew Chamberlain Suamico WI
Jennifer Rae Christensen Suring WI
Eric Michael Defferding Hortonville WI
Amy Marie Delchambre Green Bay WI
Cory M Eirich Daytona Beach FL
Rhonda Lee Elliott Appleton WI
Katie Lynn Engebose Luxemburg WI
Jennifer Ann Fameree Brussels WI
Timothy Joseph Faust De Pere WI
Laura Elizabeth Fenendael Pulaski WI
Erika Ellen Fretto Green Bay WI
Kimberly Joy Gehrig Franklin WI
Timothy Francis Gerdmann Tomahawk WI
Connie Rae Gudowicz Armstrong Creek WI
Theresa Anne Guelcher Minocqua WI
Shirley Lynn Haese Menasha WI
Holly Sue Hajny Green Bay WI
Ryan M Hill Montfort WI
Carrie J Hoff Cadott WI
Katey M Johnson Green Bay WI
Michele Lyn Knaack Land O Lakes WI
Ronald R Kottnitz Green Bay WI
Travis Spencer Lane Green Bay WI
Stacy Lynne Leo Seymour WI
Patricia Darlene Limburg Green Bay WI
Ashley A Lukes Green Bay WI
Clare A Lundstrom De Pere WI
Jessica L Mendez Green Bay WI
Cory Joseph Miller Manitowoc WI
Jacqualyn Joyce Monge Eagle River WI
Sharon A Nett Hilbert WI
Rhonda K Pamperin Green Bay WI
John-Paul W Parmentier Green Bay WI
Cassandra Jean Penchoff Sturgeon Bay WI
Cathy Natalie Peterson Woodruff WI
Bob Provost Neenah WI
Katie Marie Quintanilla Elkhorn WI
Andrea Marie Ritchie Kronenwetter WI
Mark R. Salmon Suamico WI
Carol Siewert Madison WI
Portia Kayanthos Skenandore-Wheelock Green Bay WI
Charlie George Smith Suamico WI
Christin Elaine Strong White Lake WI
Valerie Anne Swanson Crandon WI
Courtney Trofka Neenah WI
Lorie Ann VanDonsel Forsyth MT
Sarah K Verber Wausau WI
Adam D Walker Marinette WI
David Jerome Wanie Green Bay WI
Wanda L Wayman Lac du Flambeau WI
June F Wenzel New London WI
Brenda L Wiegert Green Bay WI
Jennifer Lynn Wilson Green Bay WI
Terry Woldt Phillips WI
Jessica Lee Wuestenhagen Howards Grove WI