Interview with UWGB Student and Kohl’s Employee Provides a Peek into Data Science Master’s Degree Program

The Master of Science in program Data Science is a fully online graduate program at UW-Green Bay, made available through a collaborative partnership between UW-Extension and several UW System schools, including UWGB.
The Flame sat down with MSDS student, Christian Acosta, to talk about this dynamic program, what Christian has been able to do with it so far in his experience working with local employer, Kohl’s Department Store and where his path will lead him from here.
The Flame: Tell us a little about your experience in the Data Science Program.
Christian Acosta: My experience as a full-time Data Science student has helped change my thinking on how data could (and should) be used. Most importantly, it’s given me the proper business context to know how machine learning can augment the human decision making process. I appreciate all the hard work of all the professors and resources that make the Data Science program possible!  As I’ve recently gotten back in to the workforce, I can honestly say that I use things I’ve learned in this program multiple times per day.
TF: Are you able to use what you learn in the program with work you are doing?
CAThe breadth of methods I have learned stand out most to me. I’m finding that the specific projects I chose are applying to my current work in Marketing Analytics with Kohl’s Department Store. Specifically, I have used topic modeling and various supervised machine learning to analyze past performance. In the future, I hope to use our data to build shopping propensity models for our consumers.
TF: So, what are your plans now and after you graduate?
CAI was recently hired as a Marketing Analyst at Kohl’s where I do investigation into the behaviors of our customers. I also build Machine Learning models to aid in various areas – one that I’m currently working on is topic modeling on our email content to measure effectiveness.

New Interim Dean, Chuck Rybak, offers words of excitement/enthusiasm for CAHSS to colleagues

Dear Friends and Colleagues in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences…

Let me begin by saying it is an honor to serve as Interim Dean for the 2017-2018 academic year. Scott Furlong will certainly be a tough example to follow, but I promise to work diligently to advance the spirit, talent, and ideas so abundant in CAHSS.

Given the state of funding in the UW System, we don’t have the luxury of allowing for any “learning curve” when it comes to my service as Dean. Since moving to the four-college model, the composition of our college has changed and we’ve barely had time to reflect on who we are. During the upcoming year we will take time to do just that. We have a lot to accomplish, and I’m confident that together, we can work to create our own vision— rather than reacting to someone else’s vision for us.

So what are our immediate concerns?

Both the Chancellor and Provost have made clear that enrollment is our top priority. Given last year’s budget issues, this should come as no surprise. I have scheduled a retreat with all unit chairs in August, where we will discuss enrollment and recruitment initiatives. Please know that I’m not interested in top-down pronouncements or leadership, and we will rely on each other for the ideas, collaboration, and outreach required. In terms of good news, enrollment in several our programs has increased, and I have no doubt we will further establish CAHSS as a destination for students who crave what we offer.

Beyond enrollment, I know that Chancellor Miller’s call for re-missioning is on people’s minds. I will have more to say about this soon, but please be assured that CAHSS and what we do is not only vital to our institution, but to our community and society. Exploring revisions to our mission simply addresses the practical need of allowing us to ask System for more resources, and we will all be participating in that process. As a member of our college–in the English department and Humanities–I know that we are weary of pushing back against notions that what we do is merely a General Education course or two, or “support” for other, more highly promoted areas of study. If nothing else, I will dedicate all my energy this year to reminding people everywhere, both inside and outside our institution, that we exist as no one’s support program.

What we do in CAHSS is a way of life. Our college is the home of artists, creators, makers, researchers, and of deep analysis. We are the curious, creative, moral, driven, and possess a mission of our own. And given the number of Founders and Regents Excellence Award winners, we are the college of superlative teaching, scholarship, service, and learning. None of these qualities, or our commitment to excellence, will lessen or dissipate. In fact, our work will ensure that they grow.

Finally, let me say that you should reach out to me whenever you want or need to. I am trying to avoid the cliché of always having an “open door” (given the avalanche of meeting requests I am receiving, I’ll admit that my door may indeed sometimes be closed!), so instead I’ll say that my only policy on communication is that we always approach it with openness and honesty. As the Interim Dean, problems that need solving are my responsibility; it is entirely my fault if such problems are not resolved to all of our satisfaction. With that in mind, communicating frequently, honestly, and openly is vital to our success—seek me out and speak your mind.

I truly look forward to this year. As your colleague, I already know many of you, but now is the perfect opportunity to make new connections, and this is what I look forward to the most.

Have a nice summer,



UWGB online alumnus named new VP and CIO for Capital Credit Union

Joel Williquette

Joel Williquette

Capital Credit Union, Green Bay, recently named Joel Williquette, ’12, ’15 as its new vice president and chief information officer. Williquette has 25 years of experience and has managed operations or projects in six countries. He was previously with the Bank of Luxemburg. Williquette earned his Bachelor of Applied Studies degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Business Administration entirely online through UW-Green Bay. Joel also earned his master’s degree in Management through UW-Green Bay. He serves on the U.S. Federal Reserve-Secure Payments Task Force and is a member of the Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. Other affiliations include the Financial Services-Information Sharing and Analysis Center and the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council.

Register for Summer/Fall Classes

Summer/Fall Registration

This is the time of year where students can enroll in both summer and fall classes. Be sure you get the classes you need before they close!  With the rapid growth of online programs at UW-Green Bay, it has become increasingly important to enroll as early as possible.

Summer registration began back in January, but there’s still time to enroll.

Fall registration began in April and classes are filling up FAST!

Check your Student Center in SIS for your Individual Enrollment Appointment! Register as close to your enrollment appointment as possible to be sure you get the classes you need for the fall semester.

To search for online classes:

  • Log into your SIS account
  • ­Click on the Search for Classes function in the right hand corner
  • Select the term, i.e “Summer 2017” or “Fall 2017
  • Click on the green “Additional Search Criteria” triangle
  • Scroll down to the dropdown box next to Location, choose “Online
  • Click “Search
  • If you haven’t done so already, remember to complete the electronic payment agreement prior to registering for classes.

Be sure to contact your advisor to verify you’ve enrolled in classes that will fulfill your degree requirements!

Helpful Hints for Taking an Online Exam

craverSusan Craver, MBA, Lecturer of Marketing, Cofrin School of Business

When it comes to taking an online exam, it might be a new and stressful experience. However, with the proper planning, it does not have to be a stressful situation as long as you do a little planning.
The first step is to prepare before the exam. You will want to understand the test guidelines and requirements. Know when the exam is due and for how long it will be open. You should know how long you have to take it. Familiarize yourself with the exam format – is it multiple choice, true/false or short essay? Find out if the exam is open book and allows for open notes. Study for the exam – even if it is open book. If it is open book and noted, prepare any notes you might need in advance. Make sure that your computer and internet are both in working order. You do not want to have problems accessing the exam! Have a back-up plan in place in case you do have computer problems. Determine when you are going to take the exam, and when that time comes, find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.
The second step is prepare for test-taking time. Gather all of the materials you will need to take the exam. Log into the exam and get going. Watch the clock and monitor your time. Do not take too much time on any one question. Be sure to save your responses as you go along. Do not leave the exam page if you are allowed to do other online research. Be sure to search on a different computer, a different tab or a different browser completely. If you run into technical issues, contact your instructor immediately or call the UW-Green Bay Help Desk at (920) 465-2309. After you complete the questions on the exam, review your responses, save them and submit.
With a little planning, your online exam does not have to be a painful experience. There is also the benefit of taking your exam in the comfort of your own home.
Good luck!!

Another Successful Year for Online Learning at UW-Green Bay

Christina Trombley 2Christina Trombley, Asstistant Vice Chancellor; Dean of Enrollment Services

As the snow melts around campus and the University wraps up another school year, we are reflecting on the experience for our online learners. In addition to our Integrative Leadership Studies, Business Administration and Associate of Arts and Sciences programs, UW-Green Bay has made degrees in both Psychology and Human Development available online. Students can also pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees online in programs made possible through partnerships with UW Extension and other UW partner campuses.

In short, online learning at UW-Green Bay is strong and getting stronger. With a growing program of major offerings and an increasing number of services designed to serve online learners, the choice to pursue your degree online at UW-Green Bay has never been better!

Good luck with final exams, and remember…


Welcome (and welcome back) to UW-Green Bay!

Dr. Donna Ritch Associate Dean

Dr. Donna Ritch
Associate Dean

This is an exciting time for UW-Green Bay, with many changes that have taken place over the summer and more that are upcoming. Most notably, the university undertook a major restructuring of its current “two colleges” model. As of July 1, all academic majors became aligned in FOUR distinct colleges. The four divisions will be: The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; the College of Science and Technology; the College of Health, Education and Social Welfare; and the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. This new organizational structure will not only allow UW-Green Bay to better serve its students, but will also position the university for future growth and help with our ability to be more responsive to state and regional needs.

So… How does this change impact the Adult Degree Program and – more specifically – you? The most important thing to know from all of this change is that the Integrative Leadership Studies major that you are pursuing, the academic advising that you receive and the services available to you are all the same. Your path to your degree remains completely unchanged. However, while the degree and the services supporting it are undisturbed, the “Adult Degree Program” as a self-supporting entity will no longer exist. The ILS degree and all support services will simply be delivered out of different areas of the university.

For many of you, this may seem like a big change. For others, you may be brand new and have not attended UW-Green Bay under the “old” model. Regardless of whether you are in your last semester or first, you chose wisely when you decided to come to UW-Green Bay to pursue your degree online. Our amazing faculty and outstanding advisors and staff are here to support you in that goal of finishing that degree – online and on your time!

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Marketing and University Communication if you have questions on any of the changes described here. You can also contact your advisor anytime!

Have a great semester!

Hello and Farewell…

Christina Trombley

Christina Trombley

We have closed out another successful semester and, just like you, the end of the semester is very busy time for all of us. We held our graduation breakfast for the Integrative Leadership Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies majors and their families who are finishing their journey with us this month or at the end of summer. This event was followed by Commencement for a record-breaking number of UW-Green Bay graduates. I hope you enjoy the photos of these events found in this month’s newsletter.

We are welcoming many new students this summer. With so many new students starting in the summer, there were many orientation sessions to be scheduled and held; advisors and recruiters are very busy reaching out to potential and current students, making sure that you have everything you need to begin or continue in your education.

So, we said hello to a lot of new friends just as we are bidding farewell to our old friends. Best of luck to all of the new graduates!

Have a great summer!


Welcome Rebecca Sievers!

Rebecca Sievers

Rebecca Sievers

UW-Green Bay and the Division of Outreach and Adult Access is happy to welcome Rebecca Sievers as its new Director of Summer Camps and Conferences. In her new role at UW-Green Bay, Rebecca will oversee the Division’s Summer Camps program which includes camps in Music, Art, Grandparents’ University and several “Reality Science Camps” including Aviation, Video Game Programming, Robotics, Wilderness Training and others. She will also advise the University’s Learning in Retirement program.

Rebecca is an Appleton native, earning her bachelor’s degree in Communication from St. Norbert College and her master’s degree in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education from Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Rebecca comes to UW-Green Bay from the University of Iowa where she served as the Coordinator of Leadership and Service.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys volunteering as a local youth basketball and volleyball coach, participating in CrossFit and cheering on the Packers and the Badgers!

Messages of welcome can be sent to Rebecca at


Register Now for Summer and Fall Classes

Christina Trombley

Christina Trombley


I know that we are just beginning to enjoy spring, but have you thought about taking a summer class? Taking a summer course is a great way to get one step closer to graduation!  Please talk with your advisor and take a look at the schedule of classes to find your best options.

You are also probably planning out your fall semester. With the schedule of classes published and fall enrollment underway, make sure you’ve run your ideas pass your advisor. It’s a wonderful way to ensure that you have the right classes picked out to keep moving forward.

You will also want to note that we have new section numbers for online classes. All online classes are now identified by section 0800.  As part of the Interdisciplinary Studies and Integrative Leadership Studies majors, you are part of the reserved seats for online students.  Make sure you register as early as you can to ensure that you get the classes you want.

We only have a few more weeks until the end of the term, so I will wish you the best on your finals!