Stressing over the application statements?

No worries! I’m here to help. I’ve read a lot of application statements and I’ve collected some tips on how to complete the statements with ease:

1)     Write it in a format that allows for spell check. Trust me people. We are spell check babies, we need it. The UW-System application doesn’t have spell check in it. Don’t free type in the statements…we see way too many spelling mishaps!

2)     The first statement is about your most important activity and why…please remember we are looking for evidence that you are going to be successful in college (which means graduate from UWGB) so please remember to make a connection from your most important activity to your future success. Volleyball is fun, but what skills did you learn that are going to help you be successful in college?

3)     The second statement is about what contributions do you bring to the UWGB campus. Write about what makes you different and special. What experiences have you had or taken advantage of that will enhance our learning environment? Brag about your accomplishments! Students are notoriously bad at doing this. My suggestion- Have someone one who loves you read your draft. They will add good things you’ve forgotten.

4)     The third statement is your opportunity to share ANYTHING else. What to write there? Easy, if there is anything that impacted your classes, grades, ACT, and/or life while in high school, this is your chance to tell the story behind the evidence.  Tell us what was going on but don’t forget to share what happened after. What did you learn? How will that experience help you be successful in college? Too many people tell the sad stories, but forget to include the “so what.” Please use this statement to tell us the whole story.

5)     Ask for help! If you’re stuck and you need help. Email us or call 920.465.2111. We want help you complete this application so you can enjoy basking in the glow of being done with college applications and start thinking about all the fun you’re going to have at UWGB.

Why should you visit a college BEFORE you apply?

  1. All colleges are different. Don’t assume that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.
  2. Location, location, location! Do you like the big city atmosphere, or something a little quieter? Take a walk around the campus and check out the surrounding area.
  3. Talk to students—And not just one! Talk to as many as you can. They’ll give you the honest answers to the questions you have and fill you in on the “secrets” of the campus (AKA: the fun stuff)
    Our own version

    Our own version

  4. Peek into a few classrooms (or better yet, ask if you can sit in on a class). Are they big lecture halls? Small classrooms? Are the students taking notes or involved in a discussion?
  5. Housing. Sometimes pictures of the student accommodations can be deceiving, so seeing them in person will help you figure out if you really can fit a futon, entertainment center, and bookshelf in your room (or to start working on your Tetris skills).

    View from the window

    View from the door

    View from the door

  6. Take the opportunity to meet a professor.  If there is a professor available in the area you’d like to study, ask if you can have a short meeting with them.
  7. Grab a copy of the campus newspaper. Stories and pieces written by students will also give you the lowdown on campus and local happenings and events.
  8. Try the food! Look through the options; is there more than one thing that sounds appealing? Make sure you try it too—there’s nothing worse than food that looks good but tastes, well, not so good. (Try a sandwich at Shorewood!)

All in all, you want to find a place that you can see yourself at for the next four years. If you can’t see yourself being happy there after your visit, don’t bother applying. Would you buy a car without test driving it?  A campus tour doesn’t take too long and will help you to make that important college decision. I know campus visits definitely helped me decide which schools I wanted to apply to and I hope that they’ll help you too. Happy touring! (You might even get me as a tour guide!)