Spring Break: My Way

Hey bloggers and blog readers!

Spring break is over, and its time to start getting back into the swing of things for the rest of the semester. But before I do, I wanted to share my spring break experience with you all. This year, I decided to forgo the beaches and have a relaxing spring break at home. It was nice to catch up on sleep, vege out on the couch, and not have to work about Chemistry homework for an entire week! I also spent a lot of quality time with my family and friends from home and even perfected my golf swing for when Shorewood opens. The only down side to my break was the timing. The majority of my friends from home still had class, or had already been on spring break, so it was difficult to find time to hang out. My friends who are still in High School also had classes during the week, so the only time I could see them were on the weekends. But never fear! We’ll all get a chance to hang out when we go home this weekend for Easter!

All-in-all, I’m glad to be back at UWGB so I can hit the books hard and get ready to end my sophomore year of college strong. Besides, now that spring break is over, there’s only 8 MORE WEEKS UNTIL SUMMER!!!

Think Spring!

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