Housing sign up wasn’t too long ago, and for me the key to a happy year on campus is finding great roommates to spend your time with! Here are some traits of the roommate best avoided.

1. The Borrower: We all know who these people are. Whether it be your clothes or your notes, a roommate who borrows everything is never appreciated.

2. The Slob: Having a messy roommate is never fun to live with. Clean up, do your dishes, and shower on a regular basis.

3. The Bad Communicator: Communication is key among roommates. If you have a problem with someone you’re living with, how are you supposed fix it with out talking to them?

4. The Hover Craft: Having a roommate who continues to invade your personal space can become annoying and exhausting. Back off once in awhile.

5. The Know-It-All: It’s impossible to be right 100% of the time. Having roommates is about making compromises and coming to an agreement on the issues you’re having.

If you get stuck with a roommate who possesses one or more of these qualities, you might want to…

1. Leave Your Problems At the Door: Gossiping and bring more people into an argument or issue is never good. Instead, sit down and talk it out just between the two of you, or talk to your RA for some advice.

2. Come to an Agreement: Work your issues out, and do your best to start over!

3. Keep Trying: Don’t give up just because you and your roommate had one argument. Do your best to solve it, and don’t hold a grudge!

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  1. Jenna, love your roommate descriptions! I have had plenty of roommates in my day and I have lived with all of the types to avoid! People, learn from my mistakes!

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