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This week I’m out and about Wisconsin with a little jaunt into MN. The University of Wisconsin System hosts workshops for school counselors all over the state. I’ve been getting lots of good questions like: How important is a fourth year of college prep math? How important are letters of recommendation?  What should students write in the personal statement? Great blogging topics!

I will try to address all these questions in the near future, but let’s start with whether or not to wait to apply for admission until after re-taking the ACT in October. For UW-Green Bay, there is no advantage to waiting to apply. When you fill out the application online it asks if you are planning to take the ACT. Make sure to fill that section out because if we think a better ACT score will help us make a positive decision, we will wait to see how you do on the October ACT. (btw, we will tell you that we’re waiting.) 

UWGB does require an official ACT or SAT score for an application to be complete. If you haven’t sent the officials to UWGB yet, do so by contacting ACT directly. www.act.org  If you send multiple scores, we look at your best composite score.

Side note- I ate at the Thorpeedo in Thorp, WI today. Just in case you were wondering, they do have very fast service and a great chicken noodle soup.

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  1. I’ve also eaten at the Thorpeedo in Thorp. Great post! Looking forward to you answering the other questions, too.

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