Now available: Social Media & Marketing Internships

Help Wanted @admissions (on twitter)

Social Media Intern

  • Employer Name: UW-Green Bay – Admissions
  • Wage/Salary: 8.00/hour
  • Job Description: Help the Admissions Office maintain social media sites and create new content in the form of video, blogs, messaging, links, photos. Work will consist of daily tasks of updating and providing content for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious etc.. Longer term marketing projects will also be part of the position.
  • Qualifications: Reliable, responsible, motivated, creative, a self-starter. Knowledge and skill related to social media sites. Some proven experience in photography, videography and/or blogging.
  • Application Instructions: Please email Jen Jones your resume and letter of interest.

Marketing Intern

  • Employer Name: UW-Green Bay – Admissions
  • Wage/Salary: 8.00/hour
  • Job Description: Internship that will allow a student to learn the process of marketing UWGB to prospective students. Weekly tasks include scheduling, following up on leads, presentations to families, college fairs, publication creation, program planning, and visit coordination.
  • Qualifications: Flexibility, a willingness to learn, self-starter, excited about UWGB. Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. Creativity and relationship building skills are desired. Proven work history of increased responsiblity and leadership.
  • Application Instructions: Please send resume and letter of interest to Jen Jones.

8 thoughts on “Now available: Social Media & Marketing Internships

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Think I’m going to look through your other posts!

  2. We are also hiring and pay more than 8/hr.

    As long as the person really knows social media 8/hr is low.


  3. $8 an hour is great. Are there still any opening? I know this was posted up a few months ago but I’d still want to check it out if positions are still available because I’m interested to apply. Thanks in advance.

  4. I am also looking for a social media intern in the Boston area. Please contact if you will be in the area – even for a short time.

    Thank you!

    Steve Marsel

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