End of the Year is Very Near

When I say end of the year, I mean end of the semester. I just put year cause it rhymes with near…catchy huh?

The end of the school year means different things to everybody. Those who are graduating might think…wow…what now…the real world? And others might think…thank goodness summer is here finally!

Personally I have mixed feelings for the end of school and the start of summer vacation. On one hand, it will be nice to have a break from school. No homework, presentations, projects, or deadlines. I will also be interning at 95.9 KISS FM which will be a blast. But, on the other hand I will miss living on my own and being with all my friends. I also have to work a full time job in the summer, which I’m sure most of you know it’s not a cup of tea either. Especially when the job is not so glamorous.

I can’t help but remember back to Middle School, where summer vacation really lived up to its title. With no job, every day of summer was another day off to relax…at least it was for me. But those days are far-gone and today I’m lucky to have one full day off with nothing at all to do but kick back and relax. But that’s how it works out and everyone knows that as you get older, the workload doesn’t get any lighter.

I should be plenty busy over the summer, but I WILL still find time to have fun. After all what’s summer if you don’t have a little fun? I will try to get out on the golf course at least once a week, hopefully go to a few cinematic adventures, and of course there is my trip up north planned for early August. A full week with no stress and work…that’s sounds good right about now. In all reality, towards the end of June, I’ll be begging to come back to school. I always want what I don’t have it seems! When it’s summer I want to be at school and when I’m at school I can’t wait till summer. Funny how that work out I guess.

But enough about me…I would like to learn about your summer plans before your first semester here at UWGB! Please send messages or post comments on any big plans you have for the summer sun. Thanks for reading this post and now I have to go finish off my semester on a good note. It’s study time!

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