Birthday Fun

Last week was a major event. My birthdays back home were always a HUGE deal. For some reason, the baby child of a huge family, my birthday was made into surprise parties and cool relaxing days that make up some of the best memories.

This year, when I contemplated leaving campus to spend the weekend of my birthday at home, I realized that Thanksgiving was quickly approaching and reasoned that going home would be more of a hassle than a fun occasion.

When I announced to my friends that I wanted to make my birthday last an entire week I was expecting to be met with “Um…what?” Instead I think both of my best friends on campus said something along the lines of “Let’s DO IT!”

The entire week was met with excitement and enthusiasm from my family. I was sent 19 birthday cards throughout the week (FYI: College kids LOVE getting mail!) and my mother sent me a special birthday package with a homemade cake and balloon bouquet through an Ecumenical Center program on campus.

Of course, the entire birthday celebration was also met with enthusiasm by my two best friends, myself, and eventually spread to a large group of people, residents of my building, and pretty much everyone we came in contact with throughout the week.

With simple themed days- we made typical life on campus full of classes, work, and meals more creative. Of course, each day have a creative name.  “Mac and Cheese Monday”, “Tasty Tuesday”, “Tireless Thursday”, and “Super Sunday” were just some of our more fun terms for our crazy shenanigans. On Sunday, the actually day of my birthday, my friends drove me to the mall nearby and we celebrated by making a build-a-bear (fun whether you are 4…or 19) and walked around seeing how many people we could get to say Happy Birthday to me.

By the end of the night, I realized that as nice as it would have been to be at home, I could not have imagined celebrating my birthday without the very special people I did.

When I left for college everyone told me I would meet my best friends. I thought they were just reassuring me because when I came to UWGB I knew virtually nobody on campus. I now know what they meant, college is a great time to meet people and then one day you turn around- and wonder how you ever lived without them.

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