Are college professors mean? Are they harder on you than in high school? Some of you many assume that as the years go on, they just get tougher. But the truth is, the professors don’t get tougher, it’s the material that does. It’s just natural that the classes are going to get tougher. We are growing as students and college is meant to challenge us and prepare us for the future. Not that the material is too difficult, because it is very manageable if you attend class and put a reasonable effort towards your work.  The professors want you to succeed more than anyone. They may seem tough, but it is just them challenging you.

They often remind students in the beginning of the semester that this is a college class and a lot is to be expected of you. I don’t mean to write this to scare anyone, but it’s good to have an idea of what to expect. I personally find some classes easier than classes that I took in high school, while other tend to be more challenging. Many professors give you options to get a hold of them or meet with them to get one-on-one help and support for class. They want to make sure you have all the knowledge and opportunity to succeed!

They also can be very fun. You get tons of work done every time you meet for class, but most of the professors I had in the past like to mix in some fun exercises and activities. For example, I’m taking a course this semester called “Theories of Communication” where we discuss theories. Our professor could bore us with lectures from a textbook, but he presents the material to us in more creative/ exciting ways. Last Wednesday to show us that every theory is different; he had us draw a map from the University to Lambeau Field. We drew them on the board and discussed how each map was different than the next and the pros and cons of each. It was a fun way to learn the concepts for the class!

So basically, don’t worry about the toughness of the professors or the classes for that matter. You know that the classes are going to be challenging, because it’s college. And the professors are here for you and they are here to make sure that you succeed as students and as young adults. If you fail, they fail. And in saying that, you have to do your part as well. If you try your hardest, attend class every week, and abide by the rules of the University, then you will have no problem what so ever. The professors can be fun and school can be fun. You just have to have a good mind set going in! Let me know if you have any more questions, I will answer them as soon as I can! Thanks

First Week of Classes!

I think I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and it only took one short week. It was sort of hard to shake off the rustiness of winter break, but you’d be surprised how fast you can pick up your old routine. Everything is a little new though. Everyone has new classes with new people and your routine has to change a bit. For example, I almost was late to my first class on Monday. As you can see below my first class of the semester was Comm. 445 which is an upper level course called, Human Communication Theory. This particular class is in Mary Ann Cofrin Hall where most Communication classes are held and where I’ve had countless courses in the past. So, I thought I would be able to find this room because of my experiences with Mary Ann Cofrin Hall in the last five semesters here at UWGB, but I could not find room 234 for the life of me. I walked around in circles with only a few minutes left before 12:45. I was worried I would be late, but I ended up finding the room with seconds to spare. This just goes to show that no matter how old you are, it always pays to locate your classrooms well before your first class starts.

My school schedule is not too loaded as you can see below. I have four classes, two in which meet only once a week, and an internship. And after you account for work hours, meetings, and schoolwork, there’s not too much time left for leisure. The real nice part about my schedule is that I don’t have to get up before the crack of noon on any weekday! And I have Fridays off!

Now that the week is over and I can look back on my week, I can reflect upon my first impressions. My night courses seem to be pretty fun actually. They are three-hour classes, but tend to take less than that. Tuesday night I have Radio and the group project requires us to create our own radio station and “compete” against already existing stations in the area. It sounds like a lot of fun! My other night class is on Thursday, which is Communication Law. I don’t know much about Law, but I’m interested in learning more!

Overall I had a pretty fun week. It’s always nice seeing new faces and getting to know new professors. The first week is always syllabus week, so I got plenty of the rules and schedule overviews. Now comes the weekend and my 21st birthday! I was born on January 31st on the Super Bowl, so I will most likely be posting another blog about my B-day in a few days. Let me know if you have any questions about classes or about UWGB in general? Thanks and stay safe!

My Schedule!

My First Gamblers Game Ever!

Everyone knows that Green Bay is known for Lambeau Field and the Packers, but what you might not know is there are other sporting events to go to that are just as much fun.

Saturday I attended my very first Green Bay Gamblers game at the Resch Center, which is right across the street from the home of the green and gold. The Gamblers are a hockey team and they are doing quite well this year. I went with a huge group of people from UWGB for a part of Phlash TV’s winter training. It didn’t matter how freezing out it was, we had a great night anyways. Here is my story!

We left at around 6:30 PM and it took forever to get a parking spot. The streets were packed with cars trying to get to the game. While in the jam, we got a phone call from our friend in another car that told us to meet us at this one restaurant because she had a free parking pass for us to use. As we heard the news we just passed the place that she was talking about and we couldn’t turn around because of the traffic. Matt in the back seat then jumped out of the car, ran back to the restaurant, and got the parking pass from the other car. Then the line started to move, it started to move faster than ever before. As we crawled along, we watched Matt running behind us trying to keep up. It was hilarious! After he got back in, we parked the car in Lambeau field and walked towards the Resch Center.

The place was packed! It was family night at the Resch Center, so there was dollar hot dogs and soda. We got to our seats just as the starting line-ups were being announced for what was going to be one heck of a game. I put down 4 or 5 hot dogs that night and was stuffed, but that wasn’t all I ate. During the game, the announcer told the crowd that everyone in the stadium would win free Buffalo Wild Wings if the Gamblers score a goal in the next minute. We counted down and on the last possible second they score and the place goes nuts! We all won free wings and we were pretty pumped. Then the announcer told us that it’s for tonight’s use only. We debated whether or not it was worth leaving the game early for only six wings, but the Gamblers were winning 7-0 in a blowout, so we left with six minutes remaining.

We bared the cold one more time for the long walk back to the cars and headed down the street to Buffalo Wild Wings. We left early, so I thought the place wasn’t going to be too busy…but was I wrong! The place was packed!!! People were lined up all the way out the door and beyond. Some people may have left because of the wait, but we waited 45 minutes for a table to get our free wings. It was worth it because the wings were great; I just wish I could have gotten more than 6 for free. We all left the place more than full, but it was a great way to cap off an already great night.

I had to get up early the next day and was so tired Sunday evening, but it was all worth it. I recommend a Gamblers game to anyone. It is just as fun as a Packer game experience, but much cheaper and tickets are more available. Also recommend highly is Buffalo Wild Wings or B-Duds as we like to call it. Most people know that, but you may come from a part of Wisconsin that isn’t as privileged as Green Bay. If so, then treat yourselves to these fun activities and post any comments with questions for me! Thanks and I have to go because school started today and I gotta hit the books ☺

The Christie Theatre

What if I told you that UWGB has its very own movie theatre located in the University Union? Would you believe me? Well the truth is YES, there is a movie theatre called The Christie Theatre right here on campus!

My guess is that most of you aren’t aware of this unless you have visited or toured the campus before. And even then, you still might not be clear about what the Theatre is used for.

The Christie Theatre is used for many different events and presentations. To give you a visual picture, the Christie is basically like a smaller version of a Marcus theatre you would go to for a Friday night flick. There’s a projector, movie seats, a large screen, and a stage for other types of performances. And the cool part is it’s all here on campus! It saves you the drive and the money.

So you might ask…does this theatre show movies and when can you watch them? Both good questions! The Christie Theatre holds a series called Cheapseats that offers UWGB students a chance to view new movies at an affordable price. Only $2 a ticket and there are concessions just like a real movie theatre.

They usually play a few movies a month at various times during the evening and nights Thursday thru Sunday. The times for the movies and movie line-up for this semester are not set in stone yet, but here are the potential movies:

High School Musical 3
Zach and Miri make a porno
Quantum of Solace
Yes Man
Bed Time Stories

You will see these movies shortly after they exit regular theatres and before they hit stores for DVD sales. You’ll get the cheap price of only 2 bucks and you can even pay with pass points. How easy is that! It’s cheap and convenient, so check out Cheapseats in the Christie Theatre once you become a student here at UWGB. The theatre has many others uses, like I said before, so let me know if you have any questions about the other uses of the theatre or about Cheapseats. Thanks!

MAJOR TALK: Internships!

You will end up taking plenty of courses for your Major here at UW-Green Bay and they are all important to your educational development, but Internships might be a great opportunity for you to gain real world experience. They are not mandatory, but are highly recommended by many professors/ advisors and myself. No matter what your Major or interest is, there is most likely some sort of Internship or opportunity out there for you. Some Internship can be for student organizations here on campus or other internships can be for outside companies and businesses.

So how do Internships work? Well I can’t speak for all internships, but I will try my best to describe the general process. Typically you can go see your advisor and ask him or her what sorts or Internships or opportunities are nearby that suits your interest. Once you find something you like, you may have to apply or interview for your desired position, which also provides good practice with the interviewing process for the future. Some Internships can be paid positions, non-paid positions, or positions that get course credit, but no matter what the compensation is, the work you do and the skills you learn are the important part. To my best knowledge, most Internships on campus through student organizations, etc. are for course credit. 3 credits to be exact, which translates into 1 class that you would have to take otherwise. Most Internships off of campus for companies tend to be unpaid, but give you even more real world experience!

I personally have been interning with a student organization called Phlash TV, the student run television station, for the past two years. It has given me the chance to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it to real life situations. My Major is Communications and I have an interest in electronic media and television production. This Internship allows me to practice and perfect many techniques that will give me a leg up from the competition for jobs in my future. My role at the station is Station Manager, which also builds my leaderships skills, which is very important to me!

So, I talked a lot about “real world experience”, which is the whole point and appeal to Internships. Many classes teach you about what you will encounter in certain situations, but Internships allow you to actually experience them for yourself. I starting taking my Internship my sophomore year here at UW-Green Bay and I’m planning on continuing it until I graduate. You can start or take an Internship whenever you please, but you may want to get a year of college under your belt beforehand. Please let me know if you have any questions about Internships or anything else you have on your mind. I will try my best to get back to you right away and give you a great answer!

UWGB – What I do for fun!

Something I like to do more than anything is play basketball over at the Kress Events Center on the UWGB campus. It’s a close place where I can get a bunch of my friends together for a pick up game. And the best part is it’s completely free for students, even during winter and summer break. All you need to do is flash your student ID at the front desk and you’re in. You can check out basketballs and other equipment to use in many open gyms.

Two semesters ago I played basketball every Tuesday and Thursday for two hours in the morning with 5 of my close friends. It was a good way to start off my mornings and it gave me something to look forward to during the week besides classes and homework. Sometimes it was hard waking up at 8 AM in the morning, but it’s a lot easier to wake up for basketball than it is a 9 AM class. It was also very good exercise! The first few times we played, we could only play for an hour and I was pretty sore the next day. But after a while, we could play for hours with out stopping and I felt better than ever.

It’s nice to have a routine or a planned time to visit the Kress. I see many students who walk over to the Events Center a few nights a week and exercise. They find times and gaps in their schedule where they are free and devote it to the gym. It is a nice escape from having your head in the books and gives you a chance to work off some stress. So, I say use the Kress and use it often. You might as well, because it is free for you if you are a student and if you live on campus…it’s only a short walk away. And even if you don’t live on campus, there is a huge parking lot that you can leave your car while you hit the weights.

The Kress is the home for all of the indoor intramurals sports that take place in the fall and spring semesters. This is for the more competitive sports lovers, but it is another great way to take advantages of this great Events Center. And if basketball is not your sport, don’t worry; there is a huge variety and sports and activities that the Kress offers.

I will be using the Kress Events Center for the remainder of my time here at UWGB. I mostly play basketball and I try to play at least once a week. You might see me there sometime, but if you’re a huge fan…please post a comment and ask me any questions you have about the Kress Events Center. Also share with me your favorite sport and we can discuss some further opportunities that the University of Green Bay provides.

Happy New Years!

2009 is finally here and for some of you, college is just around the corner. You have a few short months left of your High School career, you have summer break, and then you’re off to a new chapter in your life.

I know most of you are bummed about Winter break being over and having to go back to school, but my advice would be… just enjoy it. You may think that it will take a lifetime to get to Summer break, but before you know it you will be sitting in my place heading into your last few semesters of college. College is awesome and I don’t doubt that you are pumped to live on your own, but it will come fast enough…so just enjoy the ride.

So, for your New Years resolution, try to finish your last semester of High School out strong. Try to get all of your work done well and on time. Try and be more organized and dedicated. Try to be more involved with academics and extracurricular activities. Try to have your best year ever be your last year ever! This will give a great impression to colleges and Universities, as well as give you great practice for your future. Most of you probably have a job outside of school as well; so for you guys try to have a good balance between work, school, and your social life. One can’t be twice as big as the other two, or you are going to find that problems will start occurring. I’m probably telling you what you already know, but I think it’s important to start fresh for the New Year!

My New Years resolution is to be more organized. I tend to save important pieces of information, but I don’t save them in places where they are labeled well or in places that make sense. Like I will put an important test date into a folder for an entirely different class. And then when I need to know that date down the road, I know that I saved it, but I have no clue where I put it. I definitely need to be way more organized in 2009.

I’d like to hear your New Years Resolution! Please post a comment on here with your thoughts and questions about this blog, and share with me your own Resolution for 2009. I will be back soon with another piece of Major Talk, but until then…I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!

MAJOR TALK: Undecided is OKAY!

When I first came to UWGB back in 2006, I was told by students, professors, and advisors that not having a Major in mind was okay. In fact it was a good thing. Why is that a good thing you say? Wouldn’t it be better to have a plan and know what you want to exactly do before you enter college? Well, it’s a fact that many students end up changing their minds once or twice anyways once they are in college. I’m not saying that having a plan is bad, because I’ve seen people have a dream in High School and stick with it through college. But, if you don’t have a clue, you are definitely not alone and a Major will find you. It is kind of weird how it works, but somehow something shows up and takes you in a path that you never thought you would go down.

This such thing happened to me. When I got to UWGB I was definitely undecided with a career in mind. I had no clue what direction to take, so I ended up taking General Education classes while I put some thought into it. General Education classes or (Gen. Eds.) are courses that you must take to graduate, but don’t fall under a certain Major or Minor. After my first semester, I felt that I needed to make a decision for a Major, so I decided to pursue an education in becoming an art teacher. I enjoyed art in High School and I consider myself creative, so it seemed like a good match. But this is not the end of my Major story!

I thought being an Art Major and an Education Minor was what I wanted to do, but I quickly found that it was not at all. My next big switch happened when one of my friends auditioned for a hosting position for Phlash TV, the campus television station. He told me the good news that he got the role for the show and that he had to go into the campus studio each Wednesday to film the show. One Wednesday he wanted me to tag along to see the show being filmed live from the studio and I said sure. I didn’t know what to expect, but seeing all the cameras, lights, and equipment in action really caught my attention. What was a short visit to watch my friend film his show, turned into attending every week for the rest of the semester. I quickly became more and more involved and eventually changed my Major to Communications with an Emphasis in Electronic Media. I now am the Station Manager for Phlash TV and oversee the day in and day out production or the organization. Who would have thought I would go from visitor to Station Manger in one year.

So, It’s okay if you don’t have the answers right now. It’s okay if you “don’t know what you want to be when you grow up”. But somehow, your pathway is going to find you and you’re going to be thrown into something that you didn’t even think about. And for those who have a plan, that’s a good thing too! Have an open mind with opportunities and everything will work out great. If anyone has any questions about choosing a Major, please post a comment and I will get back to you right away. And keep a look about for more MAJOR TALK!

Happy Holidays!

School is done for the semester and everyone’s home for the holidays. Finals week can be a stressful one, but it is all worth it once it is over. We get a nice long break from classes until late January.

My family has a number of traditions that we celebrate every year around this time. On Christmas Eve we go slightly up north to my cousin’s house, on my Mom’s side, for the entire day. We exchange gifts, eat some great food, and just plain enjoy each other’s company. It is nice to spend time with everyone, especially when I only see some of them once or twice a year.

Then on the 25th, we wake up early in the morning, sit around the tree, and watch the parade on the television. We exchange our family gifts and get ready to go over to my grandparents to celebrate the holidays with my Dad’s side of the family. There is so much food to eat at my Grandmother’s house! She loves to bake, so we definitely don’t leave her place hungry. We have this weird tradition where we kind of mix X-Mas with Easter. My grandmother likes to hide one of our presents around the house and we search for it like a basket full of eggs on Easter. It’s kind of weird, but I have much younger cousins that find it very exciting. We exchange gifts and conversation till very late that night and then return home.

It seems like a whole lot, but it’s goes by surprisingly fast. You look forward to it all year and it goes by in a very short days. That’s why you have to enjoy every moment you can away from your textbooks, because before you know it…spring semester will be here!

So, Happy Holidays to all of you and your families. Break goes by so fast, so enjoy every last day. And if you have any fun family traditions you would like to share, please post it on here! I would love to here more about you guys.

Cofrin Library

What place on campus do you think has the most visitors this time of year? Yep…you guessed it, it’s the library. With exams and finals next week, students will be having a date with their books this Saturday night instead of their significant other.

The Cofrin Library at UWGB has 8 floors but there are only really 6 that are important to students.

The second floor of the library is where the plaza desk is located. It serves as a spot to check out or return your books. In addition, there are also book return stations located here and on the first floor for your convenience.

The third floor is where the Reference Desk is located. Here you came come with your questions and a librarian will assist you. It also houses the reserved materials that faculty place here for certain classes. The bulk of this floor is taken up by the Reference Collection, which is comprised of the library’s most frequently used books, and plenty of computer workstations for students to use.

Level four is where you can lounge around and take advantage of the newspapers, journals, and magazines. These may be used for leisure or class projects. They serve as an excellent source other than the Internet for essays and papers. You will also find the Popular Reading Collection here that contains the library’s “recreational” books and magazines that any student is able to check out at the front desk.

Level 5 contains the library’s government document collection, map collection, and stacks Q-Z. The stacks are comprised of those library books which circulate. They are arranged from call numbers beginning with Q through Z. The rest of the stacks are located on the 6th floor.

The sixth floor of the library houses the rest of the stacks collection A-P. This is probably my favorite place in the library to go and study. All of the books are located in the middle of the floor and there are private study rooms that run along sides the walls. It is a very quiet and peaceful environment with no distraction that allows you to get all of your work done.

And last but not least is the seventh floor of the Cofrin Library. Here you will find the Special Collections, which contain local history books, photographs, maps, censuses, and oral history tapes focusing on northeastern Wisconsin. Along with those, this floor contains the University Archives, which holds the official and unofficial original records of the University. You can find some real fun and interesting stuff here if you get the chance to pop on up.

I hope that my brief descriptions of the many ins and outs of the library gave you a better look at what to expect once you get to UWGB. It truly is a great library and a great place in general to go study for classes. Let me know if you have any more questions about the Cofrin Library and I will answer them ASAP.

Check out the website for way more info:

And check out this YouTube video I made on the Cofrin Library: