Where’s Phlash!?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, despite the terrible weather conditions!

While at home over break, I’ve decided to play a little game with you all! Before finals were done, I took my little Phlash the Phoenix doll around campus and took pictures. Your job is to figure out where on campus the picture was taken. Some will be harder than others, but overall it should be fun! I’ll be posting one or two pictures a week, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Good luck, and Happy Holidays! :)


Hey Everyone!

The time has come (yet again) to enroll for my spring semester classes. My favorite time of year, when SIS (Student Information System) is checked more compulsively than facebook! Luckily, UWGB students don’t have to deal with the stresses of enrollment alone. Academic advising provides students with advisers on a walk-in basis through November 20th. The advisers are so helpful, and go above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns students might have about their classes or major. I definitely encourage anyone with questions or concerns to stop in.  It will only take about 20 minutes of your time!

If you want more info on academic advising, here’s their link!


Well, I’ve got to go check if my prospective classes are still open! Wish me luck.


Basketball Begins

This saturday kicked off our first basketball games, and pep band performances of the year! Both the men and women’s teams won, making for some fun weekend entertainment.  Saturday was also halloween, and members dressed up in costumes ranging from a Banana to a ladybug (that was me!). Here is the link to a video of our Phoenix Fight Song. Enjoy!

Go Phoenix!



Today, I was able to attend Chancellor Harden’s Inauguration Carnival. There were fun games, great prizes, and some fantastic jazz music to listen to! I had a great time.

Check out more pics at:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Bay-WI/UWGB-Admissions/14857905663?ref=ts


Must See Attractions in Green Bay

Hey Everyone!
If you guys are ever looking for something to do in Green Bay, here are some fun ideas to try…

1) Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
For all of you animal lovers, Bay Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to visit! With a variety of different animals, they’re sure to have something for everyone. The wildlife sanctuary is open all year round, and it’s FREE!

2) Green Bay Botanical Gardens
The Green Bay Botanical Gardens have events running all year round, including a Garden of Lights running from November 27th to December 27th each Friday and Saturday from 5-9, and on Sunday from 5 to 8.

3) Packer Hall of Fame/Lambeau Field Tour
You can’t very well visit Green Bay without seeing it’s most popular attraction. Prices are located on the Lambeau Field website. Call 920.569.7512 or 888.442.7225 for more information.

4) Neville Public Museum
Located in downtown Green Bay, its sure to have an exhibit to strike your interest! Admission is only $4 for an entire day of fun.

5) Heritage Hill State Park
This state park is located on 50 acres and is a living history museum. Hurry before it gets to cold to go!

For more fun ideas and activities visit TravelWisconsin.com where you will find a list of over 80 great things to do in this wonderful city! There is also a map with directions to each of these locations.


Study Hard!

Midterm Exams are just around the corner, I know I’m already studying like crazy!
Here are some handy tips to help you ace your tests…

Fuel Up!
-Eating a healthy meal before your exam will help improve concentration, and having snacks during study time will boost your brain back to full power. Try to avoid sugary foods, and go for some cheese, or an apple.

Don’t Cram!
-It never works. I know we all like to procrastinate (especially me), but pulling an all nighter before an exam is never good. Start to study a week in advance so by the time your midterm arrives, you’ll know the material inside and out!

Get Some Sleep!
Studying when you are awake and alert will help you retain more material. If you’re tired or become tired while studying, take a 20 minute power nap or go for a walk to get those brain juices flowing again.

Get Organized!
-This one is pretty self-explanatory. Clear off your workspace, and make sure there is good lighting in order to use your study time more efficiently.

Turn The TV Off!
-Listening to music, or having the television on in the background can be distracting. To avoid these distractions, I suggest going to the Library (6th Floor is my favorite place to go).

Practice Makes Perfect
-If you are studying for a math or science exam, work multiple problems from the book. Make sure to check your answers, and go see your professors if you don’t understand one. For other exams, try re-writing your notes in a separate notebook or on a dry erase board. This will re-introduce the material to your mind.

There you have it!
What are some of your helpful tips!? I hope these will help you on your next exam.

Good Luck, and happy studying!

You’re Getting Sleepy…

Last night, my roommate and I went to see Jim Wand the hypnotist here on campus. This year was Jim’s 18th year performing at UW-Green Bay, and he never fails to keep us laughing. Contestants did a number of things on stage, including acting like their favorite exotic animal and much much more. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Would you guys ever get hypnotized?

Heres a clip from one of Jim’s past shows at UWGB…