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  1. Hey Diana,
    I”m sorry to hear you’re not coming. I’m going to email you to give you all the details about canceling your record.

  2. I was wondering who I can contact to tell the University that I will not be attending this semester.

  3. I’m an adult who is back in school finishing up high school. My grades are great but my finances arent. My credit shot and I dont have much for family support. Not sure what my options are for post secondary…. grim

  4. Hey Karlie,
    Yes, we do need transcripts from all the colleges you earned grades at. I know it seems crazy, but we want to give you all the transfer credit you earned!
    any other questions- let me know!

  5. I attended a college university as a senior in high school, I took 2 classes, or 6 credits worth of schooling. Do I need to have this official transcript sent to UW-Green Bay even if the grades and information will be on my official transcript from the university I am currently attending?

  6. Emily,
    My best suggestion is to talk your academic advisor. That person will be able to help you and suggest best options for improving your gpa.

    Some things that might happen if your gpa is low, probation or suspension. Either way- talk to your advisor!

  7. Hi,
    If I don’t do so hot my first semester at UWGB what will happen?
    What will happen if I get let’s say a 1.625 for my GPA?

  8. Jaime, you application just became complete. I need you to be patient a little longer. Your application will be looked over carefully and I will make sure the admissions review committee knows what you posted in the blog above!
    Email me if you have further questions!

  9. Hey,
    I was wondering if I have a good chance on getting accepted to UWGB. My overall GPA for the last 3 years is a 2.4 and this year I have improved a lot and I now have a 3.36. When I took the ACT I got a 18 and I sent in my application about a month ago. My school counselor just recently sent out my fee waiver form. If you could let me know that would be awesome.

  10. im really upset jean im so sorry but i never got ur message. would you be so kind and resend it to me once more please.
    have a nice day

  11. Hey, Jen
    I was wondering how long it will take to hear back from UW Green Bay? I sent in my application almost three weeks ago, and I recently just took the ACT over again. I was also wondering what chance I would have of getting accepted. My gpa is a little low, overall a 2.2-2.3, but my quarter gpa is 3.36 and i’ve been on a really good roll and im also involved in lots of outside activities. Whats my chance of getting accepted at this point?

  12. jen i was wondering if you ever got the message i sent you before!
    looking forward to hear an answear from you
    thank y

  13. Kenzie,
    It seems like you are doing well in high school. Keep up the good work. I would encourage you to take the ACT again. If your first try at the ACT didn’t result in a score you think represents your ability, take it again. If you think your score does represent what you’re capable of, then talk about that in a personal statement on your application to UWGB. Our average ACT composite score at UWGB is nearly a 23. We accept people with ACT scores above and below that number. If your score is below that average you will want to give more evidence of your ability to be successful to graduation from UWGB in your personal statement and letters of recommendation. Does that help? If not, feel free to email me for more specific info. jonesj@uwgb.edu

  14. Brittany-My best general advice for preparing to attend UW-Green Bay is to take as many college preparatory courses in high school that you can take, while maintaining a high gpa. Be involved outside of the classroom but balance your academic prep and your outside involvement. When admissions folks look at applications they are looking for evidence that you will graduate from college. If you want to talk more specifically about your situation, feel free to email me. jonesj@uwgb.edu

  15. Hi, my name is kenzie Scoville. I am a senior at Desoto High School. I really, really would love to attend Green Bay, it has been my number one University since I was little, but now that I took the ACT and didnt do so hot, I am worried. So my question for is I am ranked 14 in my class out of 52 students total, I maintain a 3.5 grade average, but only recived a 16 on my act and its to late to retake it again, is there a chance I could still be accpeted?

  16. I am only a Sophmore in High School and am interested in UW Green Bay, what should I do if I want to get into this school after I graduate?

  17. I was just wondering if there was any
    way my friend and I who are wanting to
    go here could get a tour or something to
    see what its like :)

  18. hello jen i was just wondering if i can get ur email address so i could ask you a personal question.
    thank you very much.
    have a nice day

  19. Melissa, Yes you can write a letter of support/recomendation for an applicant! That would be great! We need the full name of the student you are recommending and their date of birth on your letter if possible (that way we can be sure to match your letter to the student’s application.) One recomendation for your letter to the Admissions Review Committee- focus on the student’s ability to be successful to graduation from UWGB. We want to admit student who will graduate. You know best what it takes to be successful and overcome obstacles while attending college (UWGB!) so think about the strengths and weaknesses of the student you are recommending with regards to academics and what they bring outside of the classroom. We look forward to getting your letter of support!

  20. Great questions! Kathy- No you don’t have to submit the essay questions on the application. They can be sent at a later time, but I suggest two things. Write on the essay part of the application that you are sending your statements at a later date-so we know they are coming! Also, send your essays quickly after you apply. We try to make application decisions quickly and we want to have all your important information to make that decision. Typically if someone sends the essay after they submit the application they come with the transcripts.

  21. I know of a student who wants to come to UW-GB next year and I was asked if I was able to endorse her admission application?

  22. I am in the process of filling out my application and was wondering if the essay questions on the application (50) & (51) need to be sent with the application, or can they be sent at a later date.

  23. If you are a new freshman applying for housing for the fall 2010 and you’ve submitted a housing application now, you should be getting a contract in a few short weeks! If you are in a different situation, I would call housing to get the info you need. 920.465.2040.
    Hope that helps!

  24. I was wondering how long does it take to once you apply for housing to when you actually get a housing contract back?

  25. Sam-
    The best way to know how UWGB feels is to visit http://www.uwgb.edu/admissions/visit
    I have heard from others and experienced myself that UWGB doesn’t feel big, in fact, quite the opposite. I think it’s hard to be random or “a number” at UWGB. Professors teach classes, many know their students names and will say hi to them in the hallways. Also, because of the “tunnels” that connect all the academic buildings, people are friendly and you get to know people easily. Our average class size for lectures is 34 and for labs is 20. 25% of our classes have less than 20 students in them. If smaller is what you’re looking for, I think UWGB can be that for you.

  26. Hannah- try to apply for housing again today, if it still doesn’t work for you…call housing at 920-465-2040 and talk to them. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you the first time!

  27. I am interested in UW-GB but am concerned of the size,6,000+ students; as I am coning from a rather large highschool & need to downsize for college. Can you tell me class size numbers & does it feel like a big school?? I am hoping not!

  28. I’m a senior in high school and I just got accepted to Green Bay but when i tried to go onto the website to sign up for housing it wouldn’t let me. I was wondering if i am doing something wrong or if the link just isn’t allowing anyone to sign up qutie yet.

  29. I had signed up my nephew for a College Preview day, tomorrow Oct. 29th but have not heard anything yet? Who do I contact to see if we are on the list for tomorrow and what building will we be starting at?

  30. Hi, I know there is a scheduled campus visit on 10/30/09, but I’m wondering if reservations need to be made. My son plans to attend the campus visit.

  31. Kari- First of all CONGRATULATIONS on getting accepted to UWGB! I bet it feels great to get the thick envelope in the mail.
    There are very few circumstances where we would allow/encourage anyone to drop an advanced math class in their senior year, but if you want to have us consider your reasons for dropping you can call and talk to an advisor in the admissions office. 920.465.2111. An admissions advisor will look at your entire application package and give you the best advice possible.

  32. I am currently a senior in high school and have been accepted to UW-GB. I was curious to know if there is a way that I can find out if I drop my advanced math class at semester if I will still be granted my acceptance from UW-GB?

  33. Kay,
    Great question. It totally depends on the curriculum of the class. If you have a class in mind, we would love to review it for you. Generally we look for english classes that are composed primarily of composition, literature and rhetoric. If the reading course involves those skills it’s more likely to be considered college preparatory. We want students to talk classes that prepare them for the rigor of college. A reading course can be helpful too, but if it doesn’t have composition, literaturea nd rhetoric…it should be in addition to those kinds of courses.
    If you want to email me the course description, I’d be happy to review it for you. jonesj@uwgb.edu

  34. Does UW-Green Bay consider a reading class as an English credit for college entrance purposes?

  35. Sarah, Great question. Actually we have rolling admission so we accept applications until we are full for that semester. Don’t delay! Apply NOW. There are lots of good reason to apply now if you’re thinking about spring. If you’re a transfer student it’s important for credit evaluation and registration. All of those things happen after you’re admitted. So, getting admitted is the first step. We register for classes in November. To get the best pick of classes I would recommend applying now. If you’re a freshman, it’s also a good idea to apply now and get everything in order for housing and registration. Waiting until December or January to apply really smashes the whole process up and makes everything a little tougher to navigate. If you have specific questions about your situation, feel free to email me directly. jonesj@uwgb.edu

  36. Hey Brandon,
    You can apply right now for spring, summer or fall of 2010. http://www.apply.wisconsin.edu We have some scholarships for new freshman that merit based, I encourage you to apply for admissions, scholarships and financial aid. Doing all three of these thing will give you the best idea of what UWGB can offer you in funding your education. We are about a 20 minute drive from Lambeau field. You can see the stadium from the 8th floor of our library (so yes you can see it from here). UWGB is located on the northeast side of the city, if you’ve driven to Door County you’ve driven right by us…next time you’re in town, stop in! I’d love to show you around.

  37. I am currently a junior from Galena, Il, I was wondering when I can start applying (summer, August, etc.), are there any scholarships for IL residents, and how far are you from Lambeau Field, I go there every year?

  38. Kim- Absolutely it’s possible to start at a UW-college and transfer to UWGB after a year. We need you to take transferable courses and maintain a good gpa at the college (at least above a 2.50). I can help you navigate the application process and be on track to transfer to UWGB. Feel free to email or call me and I’ll help.
    jonesj@uwgb.edu or 920.465.2111

  39. Would it be possible for me to start taking my basic classes at a local school such as UW-MC for one year and then transfer to Green Bay the fall of my second year?

  40. Zach, You are not alone in your struggle. I’m going to forward your situation to my friend in the Financial Aid office. She will email you directly. When it comes to finances, I think it’s better to do that one-on-one. Thanks for asking the question. If you have others I can help with, let me know!

  41. The ski slope question is one I haven’t been asked before. Thank you for asking it! I did a little research online, because I’ve only tried down hill skiing once and it wasn’t pretty. http://skicentral.com/wisconsin.html this website tell you of the resorts in Wisconsin. It appears that there a couple within 100 miles.

  42. I am currently unemployed and in the process of relocating to the Green Bay area. Its either i find a full time job, or go to college. As i said, i’m unemployed, and in need of financial aid and i am not sure how do go about this or how much i need. Any help is greatly appreciated

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